Australian Politics – Hope For Prime Minister Turnbull: Evidently, We Like Higher Taxes

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may get away with this Budget, delivered last Tuesday night. Two polls suggest Australians actually like being taxed even more through a higher Medicare rebate. Or else, of course, they assume that higher tax means more handouts.

Either way, it’s dispiriting.

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten. Cartoon By Erik Lobecke

A 7News-ReachTel poll found 50.5 per cent of voters in favour of the 2.5 per cent Medicare levy on all workers, with 28.4 per cent opposed and 21.1 per cent undecided.

A Sky News poll put support for the levy at 48.2 per cent, with 34.1 per cent rejecting it.

So we now have a high-tax culture. The Liberals want a higher Medicare levy for all and a special bank tax. Labor want a higher Medicare levy for all above $87,000 a year, plus the bank tax, a “wealth tax” for people on more than $180,000, less negative gearing write-offs and more. The Greens want (it seems) a higher Medicare levy for higher-income Australians, the wealth tax, no negative gearing, fewer tax deductions for the rich, more taxes on superannuation and more, more, more.

We have lurched to the Left and have now a culture of dependency, not aspiration and achievement.


Paul Kelly:

Australia is undergoing a decisive change in its political values — Malcolm Turnbull has reinvented his government as a pragmatic, populist, public investment vehicle and Bill Shorten in reply has taken Labor even further to the populist, ideological left.

The edifices of Australia’s aspir­ational politics and market-based reforms are being torched in an end-of-generation bonfire. Occasionally in a nation’s history you can identify a point of transformation and it is likely that this week is such a marker.

Politics is now a contest about the nature of tax increases, the scope of monumental social spending initiatives and the type of government intervention. Australia is becoming yet another Western-world laboratory for the anti-market, populist revolution fuel­led by resentment towards finance and corporates, the breakdown of the social contract, big-spending social democratic reforms and a drumbeat for redistribution and equality.

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