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Today’s music video is Another Place Another Time and the song is performed here by the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis.

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This wonderful song, released in 1968 marked the comeback of a legend of music, Jerry Lee Lewis.

It was 1958. Elvis Presley had just been drafted into the Army. The original wild man of rock and roll, Jerry Lee Lewis was now poised to take over at the very pinnacle of rock and roll music.

It all ended on the tarmac in London as the images of his arrival were taken. Here was Jerry Lee Lewis, arriving for a sold out tour, all venues already booked out solid. There he was with a young girl at his side. The media asked who she was, and Myra, that young girl, just blurted it out that she was Jerry Lee’s new bride.

The English media invented tabloid journalism, long before it took off, well, everywhere else, and any hint of a headline this scandalous was played to the max.

It wasn’t the fact that this was the third marriage now for Jerry Lee Lewis, and the fact that he was still only 22 years old, and now on his third marriage.

It wasn’t even the fact that she was the daughter of the band’s Bass player, who was Jerry Lee’s first cousin.

The real story was that Myra was only 13 years old, and THAT became the headline as tabloid journalism rallied around like a pack of hungry sharks feeding from the trough

Jerry Lee played those first three concerts to packed houses of cheering fans. At the end of the third concert, the promoters were now scared that this so called scandal would not go well for them, so the tour was just cancelled, then and there.

Both Jerry Lee and Myra had no idea that they had done anything deemed at all untoward, but it was now all over.

The scandal followed him back to the U.S. and in fact, Jerry Lee Lewis, arguably the King of rock and roll, was now almost a pariah. His concerts dried up, his record sales dried up, radio stations stopped playing his songs and he was rejected almost everywhere he went.

He was playing concerts for $10,000 a night before London, and now he had to resort to playing in clubs and even in bars, sometimes for only $250 a night.

He still had some friends, and he still even made records, but now, his time had passed, as fickle as the rock and roll industry was. For ten years he tried to get back somewhere even close to where he was in 1958. Here he was, now stuck in the middle of what had become The British Invasion, and his style of rock and roll was something from the past. He was near the end of his current recording contract when he was asked if he would like to do a Country Music album. Even though he was considered a rock and roll star, Country Music was always one of his favourites, and one of his big early influences and favourites was Hank Williams, and he had already recorded a number of Country songs in his early days.

Jerry Lee said that he would try anything.

The song selected for his comeback was only done as a sort of a feeler to gauge if there was going to be any future in it at all. The song selected was one written by Jerry Chesnut, a Country Music songwriter who had already written a number of songs for other Country artists, and the song selected for Jerry Lee was Another Place Another Time. After recording this song for a Single, Jerry Lee went back to doing what he was doing.

To the surprise of a lot of people, the song soared up the Country Charts very quickly, all the way to Number Four and it spent 17 weeks in the charts.

He was hurriedly called back to record a follow up Single, and an album as well, and Jerry Lee Lewis’s second career began, with a second song, from the album, What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out of Me) also going into the Top Five on the Country Charts, almost a Number One, stalling at Number Two. Virtually everything he released from that point went into the Top Five or Ten of the Country Music charts, and he had five Number One hits.

The song Another Place Another Time was nominated for a Grammy Award.

It’s an amazing thing to see, the original wild man of rock and roll in a suit and playing and singing so seemingly sedate. There’s no mistaking that wonderful voice, and the only clue to his distinctive piano playing is shown at around the one minute mark of this video, and just watch his right hand. There’s just no mistaking the fact that this is vintage Jerry Lee Lewis at the piano.

Jerry Lee has an important place in rock music. Prior to his coming along. rock and roll was considered to be the province of guitars and drums only. Jerry Lee introduced piano into rock and roll, and from then on, bands started to include keyboards as part of their music. His piano playing was so good in fact that his friend Elvis Presley once said that if he could play Piano like Jerry Lee, he’d give up singing.

Jerry Lee Lewis is what can only be considered as an icon in popular music. In 1986, he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, in the group of artists who were the very first inductees in 1986.

Of interest here is that scandal back in 1958 and the 13 year old Myra. She and Jerry Lee were married for 13 years, and while Jerry Lee has been married seven times, this marriage to Myra was his second longest lasting marriage, and to this day, they are still good friends. They have a daughter Pheobe.

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