Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Should Get Real

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins actually demands discrimination.

Her latest proposal would force contractors to hire women over even better qualified men to meet a quota:

Government contractors would be forced to employ a workforce consisting of at least 40 per cent women under new sex quotas set by the Australian Human Rights Commission…

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins has told the federal government to take “disruptive action’’ and make private sector contractors hire more women, to help close the 16 per cent pay gap between male and female workers.

Meanwhile we import real sex discrimination and oppression:

Federal police investigated 69 incidents of forced or underage marriage in the 2015-16 financial year, with 19 investigations launched in Victoria.

The national figure was up from 33 the previous year. In the 2013-14 financial year, just 11 cases were investigated.


Reader Kirk:

This article raises a simple question: why, since its inception in 1984 has there never been a male Sex Discrimination Commissioner?

We’ve had Pamela O’Neil, Quentin Bryce, Sue Walpole, Susan Halliday, Pru Goward, Elizabeth Broderick and Kate Jenkins.

Reader Benjamin:

Will the proposed 40% quota be enforced for brickies labourers?

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