President Trump Ruins Media Dinner. How We Laughed

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Donald Trump declined an invitation to be jeered by people who hate him at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

Even better, he staged a rally of his own on the same day. Journalists are now furious that some may have to skip dinner to attend his rally instead.

Worse, without Trump, their dinner looks an even more pathetic Left-fest.

Trump wins again by refusing to play by the media’s rules:

President Donald Trump

But with President Trump declining to attend this year’s 103rd installment, the star power largely MIA and several news outlets nixing their usual bashes, regulars say the “weirdness” factor surrounding the black-tie dinner is high.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty” about the Saturday event at the Washington Hilton, says Julie Mason. The SiriusXM “The Press Pool” host and former WHCA board member calls the feeling in the District before the dinner “way more subdued.”“I don’t honestly think anybody knows what to think of it,” CNBC senior economics reporter Steve Liesman says when asked about the vibe in D.C….

Liesman … says he’s not sure Trump’s decision to break with tradition and skip the dinner is “the smartest move.”

“I think the president should go,” Liesman says. “I think that there’s historically been one night of the year of detente, and that’s a good and healthy thing for both sides.”

The media would offer Trump “detente” at the dinner? Does anyone believe that fake news?

Trump, who has an often toxic relationship with the press and has called “fake news” the “enemy of the American people,” announced in February that he’d be forgoing the correspondents’ dinner. “Next Saturday night I will be holding a BIG rally in Pennsylvania. Look forward to it!” Trump tweeted last week.

“I feel bad, because a lot of White House reporters are going to have to go and cover that and not come to our own dinner,” Mason says. “It’s one thing for him to stay home, and that was fine. And he can just tweet about us and be mean, and that would be kind of funny, and it would feel right. But for him to stage a competing event — we just can’t even have our dinner? We just can’t even do that?”

Of course you can, you poor thing. Have your dinner. Totally up to you.

“Clearly it’s a different kind of dinner without [Trump] in attendance, but it’s also been a great opportunity to make clear that this dinner is about celebrating the press, not the presidency. And that’s what we’ll be doing,” Mason adds.

Are we all such mugs that we’d believe the White House press corp would have celebrated the presidency had Trump been in the room?

Julie Mason laments that none of the changes are likely to appease the annual dinner’s constant critics.

“A new way to be mean about the dinner — they can look forward to that,” she says. “A new way to feel superior, and be snide, and be disgusted and indignant on Twitter. People can really, really look forward to that. It’s gonna be big for the haters.”

The Trump-haters in the room, is that what she means?

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