Clinton Staffer Claims Trump Makes Media Sick, Literally

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Here’s how deranged Trump haters are, and how much the media is of the Left.

And, of course, the Sydney Morning Herald reports it all as serious:

A strange new condition seems to be afflicting many of her journalist friends in Washington DC, says Lissa Muscatine, Hillary Clinton’s long-time friend, former aide and chief speech writer.

“One friend’s doctor jokingly called it Trumporrhoea – they [the reporters] are all exhausted, coming down with insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, these physiological reactions – it’s not just the one thing that happens in a day, it’s five things a day, every time you look up there is another controversy or tweet that has gone out, some other insult or some other regulation that’s been overturned – it’s hard for people in other countries to fully grasp just how insane it is.”

Some people really have to accept that they lost an election, fair and square, and with a mandate to change bad policies of the Left.

Did no one teach them as children how to share their toys?

If the media is exhausted by “another controversy and tweet that has gone out, some other insult”, it’s probably because they’ve been working their fingers to the bone inventing those controversies, putting out those crazy tweets and vomiting those insults.

The latest example is this fake news, again from the New York Times, as well as CNN and the usual suspects:

Same claim on CNN:

In fact:


The new nightly ritual is this: we’ve made a pact not to check social media in bed. I get my dollops of US news on the couch beforehand, shared from American friends on Facebook and usually captioned in tones of worldly disgust, tired sadness or sickened shock at how the US president is wielding his weapons of war.

So each night, the attempt is to fold the world into the rubber flap of my iPhone case and somehow fall sleep. Anxiety, however, doesn’t pack away so well. Since the election of Donald Trump, my brain runs electric with potential catastrophe even as it should just fade to black…

The fear of so many is not of falling asleep, but of waking up to discover Trump’s digital bellows felled a city, or that his games with new military toys have enacted a hostile play that can never be reversed…

My sleep is now so light that if my phone buzzes, I bolt upright in bed…. I can’t sleep for what I see, whether I shut down my phone or not … Anxious, wide-awake, huddled in my ­cottage in the night, my partner ­soothes me and repeats: “We’re safe here. We’re safe.” I no longer feel it. Do you?

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