All Okay, As Long As The Dictator Is A Muslim

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Extraordinary propaganda in the Sydney Morning Herald: a Muslim activists saying Muslims should be proud that Turkey now has a president who has, in fact, made himself almost an elected dictator and is a Muslim xenophobe.

Kuranda Seyit, director of the Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations:

President Of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

[President] Erdogan has carved his own name indelibly into Turkish history having successfully manipulated his party’s political supremacy over four elections and his personal ascendancy as the president. One could argue he is the greatest leader the nation has known since Ataturk…

A lot of pundits are screaming that this [referendum result giving him the power to appoint ministers and judges] is the end of democracy in Turkey and this could lead to the establishment of a sharia style dictatorship.

But those who want to see Turkey fail have been doing their best to rid the nation of Erdogan. Time after time, he has survived…

A new US-style presidential system in Turkey could mark the end of an era of instability marked by military coups and political turmoil.

The one yes-but:

The drawbacks are that Erdogan will be given unprecedented powers and there is potential for lack of freedoms and rights in the nation especially for journalists and opponents of Erdogan.

“Potential for lack of freedoms”? Erdogan has in fact already purged 100,000 public servants, judges, officers and other state employees not deemed loyal enough. He has already jailed many journalists and shut down dozens of publications.

Why does Seyit ignore this? Why forgive all this just because Erdogan preaches Muslim supremacy? Seyit is giddy with the thought:

Yet, transition into a representative republic could see Turkey become the beacon of hope for the rest of the Muslim world…. For the Muslim world, a strong Erdogan-led Turkish state, which is proud of its Islamic roots and identity, will bring some glimmer of optimism for millions of Muslims who have lost hope in their own political leaders. Turkey will become the leader who will speak up for their cause. This is in direct response to the increasing tide of Islamophobia.

“Islamophobia” is actually in this case a rational fear of Erdogan:

Turkey has been mired in a diplomatic row with Germany and the Netherlands after they banned Turkish officials from campaigning in support of an April referendum on boosting the Turkish President’s powers.

“If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets,” Mr Erdogan told journalists in Ankara.

Is this the Muslim xenophobia that excites Seyit?

Calling Turks the “future of Europe,” Turkey’s president on Friday implored his compatriots living on the Continent to have multiple children as an act of revenge against the West’s “injustices.”…

“Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.”

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