MSM Goes Overboard Hyping Dem Candidate Jon Ossoff

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By P.J. Gladnick ~

Dearest Goddess Gaia, who art wherever, please deliver unto us just one lousy victory against the evil Trumpenreich…..

The Democrats, and their mainstream media allies, are so desperate for just one electoral win to prove that President Donald Trump is on a downslide that they have even hailed no change in special elections since the November general election as some sort of moral victory. Below the surface, however, they know they need a victory in a special election. It wasn’t delivered to them last week in Kansas in the special congressional election to fill the seat of Mike Pompeo who was appointed to head the CIA so now their hopes have been placed on the April 18 special election in the Georgia Sixth Congressional District to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price who was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services.

As a result the MSM has gone overboard hyping the Democrat candidate, Jon Ossoff, (pictured) whose main chance to win the seat is to win 50% of the vote against a large field in the April election since his chance of victory in the June runoff against a single opponent is rated much less. The April 15 Politico even managed to put a positive spin via some creative math on the fact that 95% of Ossoff’s more than $8 million in campaign funds comes from out of state:

Opponents are trying to make much of the fact 95 percent of Ossoff’s haul comes from out-of-state donors. But that would put the Georgia portion at $415,000—or within striking distance of the $463,000 raised by GOP frontrunner Karen Handel, who’s run several statewide races.

NPR has a shtick they like to employ by looking at campaigns from the eyes of “regular” folks to hype liberal candidates. In this case a couple of female senior citizen volunteers who not surprisingly found voters favorable towards Ossoff:

Ferguson and Robertson headed out to a neighborhood a few miles away to knock on doors in a subdivision where several Ossoff signs already dotted the well-manicured yards. Many people weren’t home on the beautiful spring day, while some answered the door and vented their frustration over the several visits from various campaigns they’d gotten over the race and complained about the ad nauseum ads.

A few told the two women they were voting Republican, including one man whose wife wasn’t home, but he assured them that while he was voting GOP his wife’s support for Ossoff would cancel his vote out.

Their knocking at one home awoke a woman who was sleeping because she worked the night shift, but she wasn’t perturbed. Instead she told Ferguson and Robertson how excited she was over Ossoff and asked if they could circle back with a yard sign later. Another man said he’d already voted early and wouldn’t say who he voted for, but when prodded did offer a coy smile, telling the two women they’d be happy with his vote.

Along one home toward the end of their route, Megan Tucker bounds out and tells the two women she’s definitely behind Ossoff, and Ferguson and Robertson let out small cheers. Tucker says she usually votes Democratic but considers herself an independent.

Newsweek, which sold for a dollar (the entire company, not per issue) seven years ago, went with the old trick of portraying Ossoff as a conservative:

He actually sounds a little bit like Donald Trump, though without the divisiveness or bluster. Ossoff’s two top priorities, he tells Newsweek, are “local economic development,” i.e. jobs, and “accountability in Washington.” He may not use the words “drain the swamp,” as Trump did on the 2016 campaign trail, but Ossoff talks plenty about corruption, pointing back to his work over the last three years as CEO of the London-based investigative film production company, Insight TWI. Much of the company’s recent work has focused on documentaries and series on corruption and conflict in Africa. Ossoff says he can apply those same skills in Washington. “There is plenty of corruption, waste and fraud in the federal government and in federal contracting,” he says, adding that he’d set up a dedicated investigative unit in his office.

Time magazine opted for the nasty ol’ Republicans routine:

To stave off an upset in Georgia, Republicans have launched a multimillion-dollar campaign to kneecap the young Democrat. They’re attacking everything from his address (Ossoff lives just outside the district with his longtime girlfriend, a medical student at Emory University) to the validity of his national-security credentials to his inexperience (one ad features footage of Ossoff as a college student, dressed in a Star Wars costume).

Finally, we get a Huffington Post paean gushing that, gosh, Ossof went home. Yes, he actually went home!!!

Jon Ossoff is a phenom. He’s not just a smiling face in a generally Republican district, he’s not just the guy we get two emails from a day, he’s part of a new wave of progressives: He’s someone who went home.

Born in Atlanta, Ossoff was raised in the district he seeks to represent. …From this auspicious beginning, he went to Georgetown University, and then to the London School of Economics where he wrote his master’s thesis in relations between the United States and China. Most recently he has been making documentary films about political corruption.

Okay, perhaps you already read all this in the New Yorker or on Wikipedia, but the point is not so much to present a summary of his education and qualifications as to say that there were career paths he could have more easily taken in New York, Washington, D.C., or even Los Angeles. He might have become a cog in the mighty wheels of power in the nation’s capital, or run for some safe-ish seat in a blue state, or even have become the next Michael Moore. Instead, he did the more difficult thing: He went home.

WOW!!! He went home! Absolutely incredible. By now he should be ready for his heavenly ascension.

P.J. Gladnick is a contributor at NewsBusters and is a freelance writer and creator of the DUmmie FUnnies blog.

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