Energy And Environmental Newsletter – April 10th 2017

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

Greed Energy Economics:

Energy Policy Will Be About Cutting Costs, Not Emissions (!)

Tracking Government subsidies stymied by inconsistent transparency

”Property assessed” financing for solar panels reveal serious consequences

Is the UK Govt Concealing Very High Renewables System Costs?

How NY is masking a huge energy-tax hike in the name of “consistency”

Sen. Alexander rails against TVA buying wind energy

Comptroller: Offshore wind farm to cost ratepayers $1.62B

Maryland Officials Oppose Offshore Wind Project

Turbine Health Matters:

Health Canada’s Flawed and Fraudulent Wind Turbine Health Study

Wind Turbines:  Unsafe at any distance

ISO acknowledges motion sickness from low-frequency oscillatory motion

Independent Infrasonic Investigations: Golden West Wind Facility, Colorado

Wind Turbines Poisoning People and Animals

Wind Energy and Aviation Safety, Fatalities

Renewable Energy Destroying Ecosystems:

Comments Against the Proposed Increase of Incidental Take for Hawaii’s Nene and Hoary Bats

Slaughtering Endangered Species with “Clean” and “Green” Energy

Bird Groups Sue To Stop Lake Erie Wind Project

The endangered listing for the rusty patched bumblebee is finally given wings

Miscellaneous Energy News:

Witnessing wind industry’s influence on the Legislature

A Requiem for the 2015 Clean Power Plan: It had more flaws than a cheap dirigible

Worthwhile website: Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy

China Bans Wind Projects in six Regions of the Country

Good graphic of each state’s energy usage

Sierra Club Believes Abortion Helps Protect the Environment

Wind Turbines are a Politically Driven Energy Source

Balloon to be used to indicate Turbine Height?

Maryland Fracking Bill Would Lose Jobs and Benefits

President Trump’s Executive Order on Energy Independence and Economic Growth

Commentary: Trump’s Executive Order on Energy

Batteries: Another green scam

A short, humorous video Explaining the Energy Market

Pretend conservatives for not so clean energy

Study: To flourish Wind and Solar need more local citizen support

China and Pakistan join forces for huge coal project

Searching for an Honest Energy Debate

Hot Air from the Wind Industry

South Australia Electricity – in a disconnected state

UK Seeks to Abandon 2020 Green Goal

How We Were Hoodwinked by a Green Zealot

Gov Cuomo supports 30 mile wind turbine setbacks

The flawed thinking at the heart of the renewable energy swindle

The Mafia Is Moving Into Green Energy

Note To Environmentalists – Give up on Wind Fixation

Manmade Global Warming Articles:

Confessions of a Climate Change “Denier”

Congressional Testimony: Science is a Process

By the Numbers: Ending the Social Cost of Carbon

There is no such thing as a Conservative CO2 Tax Plan

Take-aways from the Heartland Climate Conference

Video of President Trump’s Inspiring NASA Talk

Agenda 21 Course

Sun’s impact on climate change quantified for first time

Fewer than 1% of papers in Scientific Journals, follow Scientific Method

CO2 Has Risen By 110 PPM Since 1750. The Human Contribution Is 17 PPM

Study: Bread Causes Global Warming

Study: State of the Climate in 2016

The Problem With Climate Catastrophizing

Videos of the Heartland Talks

If only we had listened to climate scientists back in 1979

Trump signs executive order to roll back Obama climate change rules

Climate Change Skeptic Group Seeks to Influence 200,000 Teachers

House Science Committee Hearings on Climate Change

House Approves Bill to Force Public release of EPA Science

Thousands of polluters in northern China fake emissions data, resist checks

New EPA documents reveal proposed cuts to staff and programs

Liberals seek K-12 ban on book challenging global warming

Standing Up For Free Speech in Science

Poland Rejects EU Climate Goals

Did the Obama White House Collude with a Politically Motivated Scientist?


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