How Many U.S. Warships To Change Peter Hartcher’s Mind?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Australia’s Fairfax Media’s Peter Hartcher claims China will be reassured that Donald Trump is preoccupied with the Middle East.

Hartcher’s analysis relies in the standard Sydney Morning Herald belief that everything Trump does must of course be stupid:

A theme echoing through US media in the last few days was that Donald Trump’s decision to attack Syria during dinner with China’s president was sending a message to Beijing. But what was the message?…

To Beijing, it is not a threat but a reassurance.

Once again, America is preoccupied with the Middle East. Once again, a US president squares up to confront China but is distracted by the Middle East.

Really? Then explain this:

The Navy Third Fleet’s forward-deployed carrier armada is making its way to North Korea, where the regime of Kim Jong-un continues to test missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The Carl Vinson Strike Group departed Singapore and, instead of traveling to its previously intended destination of Australia, headed north…

Dave Benham, spokesman for the command, called the strategy of diverting the supercarrier and its guided-missile escorts north a “prudent measure to maintain readiness and presence” in the volatile western Pacific.

But Hartcher is insistent:

The two leaders did discuss the South China Sea in private. According to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Trump told Xi that the US was opposed to the militarisation of the islands. He urged China to observe norms of international conduct in the area.

But neither US nor Chinese accounts of the meetings referred to any comment by Xi. In other words, China does as it pleases as the US reads out obsolete talking points.

Really? Then explain this:

In a bustling week at the Pentagon and White House, American officials worked up plans to batter the Syrian airfield and prepare for President Donald Trump’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping that began Thursday at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida. The talks included efforts that both Beijing and Washington could take to defuse tensions caused by Pyongyang’s missile tests and defang its nuclear program…

[US Secretary of State Rex] Tillerson announced on Friday that Beijing had agreed to assist the United States on the North Korean problem, but he declined to specify what form that help would take.

Another sign of Hartcher’s Trump derangement – imply that Trump being unable to instantly undo China’s theft of the South China Sea is just as weak as Barack Obama allowing it to be stolen in the first place:

The contest over the South China Sea is over. China defied the US and it won. China was determined, swift and effective. Trump continues in the Obama mode in the South China Sea – indecisive, distracted and ineffectual.

Note Hartcher’s praise for the totalitarian thief.


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