Australian Media – Former ABC Chairman Says Sell It

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By Andrew Bolt ~

Former ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) chairman Maurice Newman is correct. There’s no reason for us to be forced to pay for the ABC and SBS, (Special Broadcasting Service) and especially when both have been captured by the Left.


With the quality and variety of media so cheap and accessible these days, why do we need two public broadcasters costing almost $1.5 billion annually?

Why do we need even one?

Take SBS. Its establishment in 1975 is closely linked to the birth of multiculturalism in Australia… This preference for “diversity” has contributed to the abridgement of free speech, identity ­politics, a divided society, growing intolerance and, diminished ­national pride.

After 40 years and the best ­efforts of SBS, we can conclude that shifting to multiculturalism from assimilation and integration was a mistake.

In any event, today’s technology has rendered the original SBS charter obsolete… Migrants can now stream content from their former homeland on demand and, in real time…

A declining share of TV and radio audiences suggests that any distinctiveness the ABC may have had is losing its appeal. Younger demographics are mostly getting their news and entertainment from established social media feeds….

The Prime Minister … pushed for his friend Justin Milne to become the new chairman… Despite the protestations of Milne, who says there is no bias to fix, the group-think that pervades the ABC leans distinctly left. A university survey records 41 per cent of its journalists vote Green. There’s a lack of editorial curiosity or disposition to surprise. Routinely, it supports fashionable “progressive” causes, like Islam, refugees, climate change and indigenous issues. It predictably condemns Israel, the Catholic Church, Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson and Donald Trump. Free speech, free markets and rational economics get short shrift. Management is ­focused on gender and ethnic ­diversity, but not thought…

The stark reality is that today’s case for taxpayer-funded media is thin and getting thinner. We can no longer dismiss the improvements to our freedoms, budgets and national debate, the break-up and sale of our public broadcasters would deliver us.

Read it all. Compelling.

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