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Today’s music video is Angie Baby and the song is performed here by the Australian/American singer Helen Reddy.

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Sometimes, songs have some intriguing lyrics, and without doubt, the biggest of those was the Bobbie Gentry smash hit Ode To Billie Joe, and over the years since that was released, it has caused a lot of talk about the mystery contained within the song, something that Bobbie Gentry has never let on about. She has always said that the song was written to emphasise apathy, and that no matter what sort of awful news may be around, people will always just get on with their own lives.

This song by Helen Reddy is similar in nature to that, seemingly containing a bit of a mystery, but the song is relatively self explanatory, so the mystery is sort of solved within the lyrics of the song itself, about a girl who is seemingly crazy, but has a secret that only she is aware of.

The song itself was written by Alan O’Day, and he says that the song took him three Months to write, as he tinkered around with the lyrics, until he got it right, and to his own satisfaction.

At first, the Studio did not want to pick the song up, but it was heard by Helen Reddy’s husband, Jeff Wald, and within the hour, he then played it for Helen, and a further couple of hours later, they started to arrange it for a new song for Helen. It was recorded, and released quite quickly, and became another of Helen’s Number One hits, at a time when she was the biggest name in Female Music in the U.S. Released in late 1974, the song rocketed up the Adult Contemporary Charts and crossed over into Mainstream Charts, where it went to Number One. Helen was a huge star in her homeland Australia, but in a bit of an oddity, this song was not much of a hit here in Australia.

Helen was born in Australia into a well known Australian show business family. Her father was Max Reddy, a writer, producer and actor, and her mother was Stella Lamond, an actress. Helen’s older half sister Toni Lamond is also a well known Australian singer.

Helen started performing with her family at a young age, and singing came naturally to her.

She won an Australian talent quest and the first prize was a trip to New York and a recording contract. That recording contract was in reality an audition for a record contract, and the Company used her talent quest winning song as that audition, and the record contract did not eventuate.

Now stuck in New York as a single mother with a young daughter, she played the club scene to tiny audiences, struggling to get a green card.

After two years of this, she met her husband, and finally a record contract came her way. She recorded a Single, but it only received average airplay, until a DJ flipped it over and played the other side, which was the song I Don’t Know How To Love Him from the enormously successful stage play Jesus Christ, Superstar. The song became a hit in the U.S. and an even bigger hit back in her homeland Australia.

Her next single was the 1972 Monster smash hit, I Am Woman, and now Helen was the biggest name in female singing.

More hits followed, including another Number One Monster Delta Dawn in 1973.

In 1974, she brought out this song Angie Baby, and this also became another of her Monster Number Ones.

I remember the song, mainly for just a couple of lines towards the end of the song:

It’s so nice to be insane

No one asks you to explain

A wry comment here is that this is perhaps a song which might not see the light of day if it were to be released in this day and age of political correctness.

Helen Reddy was a huge star in those early and mid 1970s, and her songs still stand the test of time today.

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