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Today’s music video is Love Is All Around and the song is performed here by the English band The Troggs.

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When this song was first released October of 1967, it was a reasonably big hit for the band, both in the UK, where the song made it inside the Top Five,  and also the U.S. where it made it into the Top Ten, although here in Australia, the song just made it into the Top 40 for one week only in December. However, in 1994, the English band Wet Wet Wet recorded the song as part of the Soundtrack to the movie Four Weddings And A Funeral. On the back of that movie, that cover version of the song entered the Charts in the UK at Number 4, went to Number Two the week after that, and then to Number One the week after that, and the song then stayed at Number One for an astonishing 15 consecutive weeks, the second longest time at Number One for any song in the UK. In fact, the song was so popular that some radio stations actually banned the song from being played because listeners were fed up of hearing the song.

The band who originally wrote and recorded the song was the English band, The Troggs, and their lead singer, Reg Presley wrote the song. The band had previously had two Monster Number One smash hits with Wild Thing and With A Girl Like You, Singles which sold millions of copies.

The 1994 cover version of the song topped the Charts in 12 Countries around the World, and has sold almost 3 million copies of the song, almost 2 million of those in the UK alone. The song only barely made it into the U.S. National Top 40 Chart.

While the original band The Troggs had a very successful few years in the UK, the band folded in 1969. They reunited a few times across the years but could never garner the success they had in that two year period when everything they released was almost magic.

The band was different to other bands around the time of that British Invasion, and they had a sound all their own, and they have often been described as the being the beginning of the Punk Music genre.

Reg Presley, the writer of the song, and the band themselves would have lived comfortably just from the royalties alone that eventuated from the monster cover version of that Wet Wet Wet version of his song.

Sadly, Reg Presley passed away in 2013 at the age of 71.

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