Australia’s ABC Media Measures Every Diversity Except Diversity Of Thought

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The ABC measures every diversity except diversity of thought, which surely counts most.

The publicly funded SBS shares the same obsession with identity politics, meaning we get exactly the same Left-wing politics, only delivered with an accent or by a woman:

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The latest report card on ABC boss Michelle Guthrie’s push for diversity at the public broadcaster shows women make up 45 per cent of executives, while just 12 per cent of senior staff come from non-English speaking backgrounds…

The number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees grew by seven people to 105, increasing their workforce share to 2.6 per cent, exceeding a 2.5 per cent target for Indigenous employment…

The broadcaster fell short of a target for 15 per cent of senior executives from a non-English speaking background, reaching 12.1 per cent…

The ABC employed 213 staff who reported having a disability, 7 per cent of its workforce…

Multicultural broadcaster SBS has 42 per cent employees from non-English speaking backgrounds, while women hold 46 per cent of leadership positions. Staff from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background make up 4 per cent of staff, while 1.1 per cent have a permanent disability and 13 per cent identify as LGBTQI.

Yet what’s all the whingeing about?:

The latest report showed 56.2 per cent of [ABC] employees classified as “content makers” were women, up from 51.3 per cent in 2014-15. Women made up 72.6 per cent of staff in the administrative and professional category.

How did SBS come to hire a disproportionate number of gays? Is there anti-straight discrimination here?

13 per cent identify as LGBTQI.


The ABC employed 213 staff who reported having a disability, 7 per cent of its workforce.

Now, why don’t both organisations now measure conservatives vs Leftist at their organisations to check whether they really do reflect intellectual diversity at their organisations, or whether taxpayers are in fact funding citadels of Leftist groupthink, reinforced by the identity politics that’s dividing us into a nation of tribes?

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