Holland Moves Right

Posted on Fri 03/17/2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~

The (Australian) ABC spins the Dutch election result: “Voters in the Netherlands … have turned their back on the anti-establishment populist candidate Geert Wilders.”

In fact:

Wilders (pictured) increased his seats from 15 to an expected 20.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, of the centre right VVD, won the post seats 33, but still lost eight – and would have lost more if he had not increased his anti-immigrant rhetoric and confronted Turkey. He in effect took on some of the Wilders agenda.

The right-of-centre Christian Democrats got 19, an increase of 6.

Labor collapsed, winning just 9, a loss of 27, although the Green Left picked up 12.

There has been a shift to the right in Holland.

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