Equal Opportunity Stop Lights For Melbourne

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By Andrew Bolt ~

TonyfromOz prefaces:

If this is not the silliest, most ridiculous thing I have read in ages, then sometimes I wonder. If a major city council or State Government has nothing better to do with taxpayers money than change lighting warning signs that have been around since road crossing signs were first used, then I wonder if perhaps we may just have gone too far. If someone takes offence at a Walk/Don’t Walk sign, then it gives the term snowflake a whole new meaning.

It would, of course, be simpler and cheaper to just change the red signals to women silhouettes.

But these eager offence-takers would probably think that sexists, too:

ALL of Victoria’s pedestrian crossings could eventually have an equal number of female and male walking signals in a push for gender equality…

Influential lobby group the Committee for Melbourne says having green or red silhouettes only of men at traffic lights reinforces unconscious bias by discriminating against women.

The Equal Crossings initiative is kicking off its campaign this week with 10 female ­pedestrian figures to be installed at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders streets.

Seriously? Melbourne must be Eden on the Yarra if this is the biggest problem the Committee of Melbourne could find to fix.

But shouldn’t gender equality start with the Committee for Melbourne itself? Check out its board: seven men and just four women, whether red or green.

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