Key Graphic: Why The Dutch Now Resist Immigrants

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Here is the graphic that shows why the famously liberal Dutch are turning strongly against more immigration. It’s not just the terrorism but the rampant welfarism, particularly of immigrants from Muslim countries.


The background:

There are 3.8 million people in the Netherlands with a migrant background out of a population of around 17 million. About 2.1 million people are migrants with a non-Western background, while 1.7 million are migrants with a Western background.

The anti-immigrant push has been led by the VVD party of Geert Wilders, who has picked up a huge surge of support as Labor’s vote plummets.

Parliament now:


But this is what the polls show now, with PvdA – the Labor party – plummeting and Wilders’ anti-immigrant VVD rising:


But Wilders has also pushed Prime Minister Rutte to harden up as well to save his job in next week’s election:

By centering the political debate on immigration and the failures at integration, Wilders has also pushed mainstream parties to woo the right. In an open letter in newspapers in January, Rutte wrote that people who refuse to adapt Dutch values should “act normally or leave.”

What kind of immigration policy imports welfare recipients? Not to mention the social dysfunction.

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