Trump Speech Beats Obama In A Ratings Landslide

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ScottWhitlockpicture-68-1409685216By Scott Whitlock ~

Almost 48 million Americans tuned in on Tuesday to watch Donald Trump’s first address to Congress. Compared to Barack Obama’s final State of the Union in 2017, the Republican won by 17 million viewers.

trumpsotu2The Nielsen rating service reported, “In terms of the social nature of the address, the most-Tweeted minute of the night was at 10:04 p.m. ET when 21,000 Twitter interactions occurred after the audience applauded the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL.”

Only 31.3 million viewers watched Obama’s final State of the Union. The Democrat was stuck in the mid-30 million viewers range for the last few years. In, 2015, he managed 31 million. In 2014 and 3013, 33 million. For 2012, it was 37 million. One has to go back to 2011 to see Obama edge into the 40s. That year, he managed 42 million. focused on the 2009 vs. 2017 comparison. There, Obama edged out Trump in a closer win, 52 to 48 million.

Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center’s site.

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