Australian Politics – Abbott And Dutton In Pincer Attack On Prime Minister Turnbull

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Coincidence? Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott today attacks Malcolm Turnbull, while friend and fellow conservative Peter Dutton shows what a tough leader he himself could be – without showing the slightest disloyalty to the Prime Minister.

Abbott attacks:

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has called on Malcolm Turnbull to toughen his economic defence of the industrial umpire’s decision to scale back penalty rates, defying pressure to keep silent on government policy…

“Against Labor’s pitch of ‘high wages’ versus ‘low wages’, we need to pitch ‘high wages’ versus ‘no wages’,” Mr Abbott said. “The issue is not higher wages versus lower wages. The issue is businesses that are open on Sundays and public holidays or businesses that are closed. It’s about making it possible for more businesses to stay open because if the business is shut no one gets paid anything.”

Government backbenchers have urged Mr Turnbull in private forums as well as at dinners at the Lodge to make a stronger economic case in support of the FWC decision and were told he would take up the fight in coming weeks.

Pardon? “In coming weeks”? It will be all over by then.

As Abbott attacks, Dutton advertises:

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton admits the federal government is looking at strengthening laws that are supposed to stop Aussie foreign fighters returning home…

Mr Dutton later confirmed the prime minister has asked him to propose ways to beef up-the laws.

“I think there is an argument for some strengthening,” he told 2GB’s Ray Hadley.

Christopher Pyne, of the Liberals’ Left, seems onto these guys:

Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne earlier dismissed as a “sensational beat-up” reports of serious loopholes in dual-citizenship laws.

“The laws that the journalist are talking about, of course, were never designed to keep all foreign fighters out of Australia,” he told Nine Network.

“They were designed to take away the citizenship of dual citizens.”…

“You can’t make people stateless,” he said.

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