Climate Change Australia – What “Extreme Weather”, Lisa?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

First Peter FitzSimons hypes global warming. Then his wife, Lisa Wilkinson, fronts a weather report claiming the east coast is in for “extreme weather”. But that’s not how the Bureau of Meteorology describes it at all, because this is just more fake news.

FitzSimons in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday:

…no one who is serious doubts that the dangers of climate change are real…

globalwarmingextremeweatherWilkinson today fronts a segment predicting “extreme weather” – the new scare of the global warming movement:

Extreme weather?

Not in our two biggest cities, for a start. Check the Bureau forecasts above. We don’t even crack a century on the old scale.

Neither is there extreme weather in Brisbane, which looks like it’s in for a few showers and nothing more.

The only sign of anything “extreme” is the worst rain since – er – just a year ago. Maybe:

Between now and next weekend widespread 25-to-50 millimetres of rain is likely from the South Coast to the Queensland border with potential for some areas to pick up more than 100mm. This amount of rain spread out over a week would not do much other than water gardens and parks, clean cars and make the Hills Hoist redundant. However, for some places most of this rain should fall in just a day or two, leading to flooding.

For much of the coast this will turn out to be the wettest week since last winter, but for some it could be the wettest week in more than a year.

I think we’ll cope.

So where is the “extreme weather”? Or are we in an era of climate alarmism, where any inflection from thermostat temperatures is “extreme”.

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