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Today’s music video is Satellite and the song is performed here by the Australian singer songwriter Kasey Chambers.

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I heard this song just a couple of days ago, and while I was listening to it, I was saying to myself that hey, this is good, so why haven’t I heard it before. The answer is that this song has only been released for around 8 weeks or so.

The singer is Kasey Chambers, and without doubt, she is one of the biggest names in Australian Music.

kaseychambersdragonflyThis song in today’s video clip is the second single released from her latest album Dragonfly, and the album, a double album, released only four weeks ago, is her eleventh studio album. It debuted at Number One on the Australian album charts. Out of those eleven studio albums, five of them have gone to Number One on the Australian album charts with three others inside the Top Five. Six of those albums have gone platinum or multi platinum with her third album Barricades & Brickwalls going seven times platinum.

Kasey has won 30 Australian music awards. The most prestigious of those awards are the ARIA’s and she has won ten of those. The highest awards for Country Music are the CMAA’s and she has won nine of those.

Kasey started out her music career as a member of her family band, The Dead Ringers which was led by her father, Australian Country Music artists Bill Chambers with his wife, Diane, and when their two children were old enough, and in Kaseys case, that was when she was only eleven years old, she joined the band, and they were soon joined by Kasey’s older brother Nash Chambers.

Kasey went solo in 1998, and Nash was Kasey’s producer for her first solo album, the multi award winning album, The Captain, released in 1998, and her father also played guitar on that album.

Nash has been with Kasey for all her music career.

Even the video clip for this song is well put together. The old magician gives the two brass statues of children life for the time the hourglass takes to run out. The two children have fun in the park, and turn back to brass statues when the time runs out.

It’s a catchy song with a well put together video clip from one of the stars of Australian music.

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