Global Warming Helps: China’s Weather Is Now Better

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

One of the fake global warming scares is that we’re getting more extreme weather.  But  even the IPCC can’t find that proof.

Now the biggest study of China’s extreme weather finds the frequency of hail storms, thunderstorms and high wind events has actually halved since 1960.

GlobalWarmingIn one of the most comprehensive studies on trends in local severe weather patterns to date, an international team of researchers found that the frequency of hail storms, thunderstorms and high wind events has decreased by nearly 50 percent on average throughout China since 1960…

“Most of the data published on trends in severe weather has been incomplete or collected for a limited short period,” said Fuqing Zhang, professor of meteorology and atmospheric science and director, Center for Advanced Data Assimilation and Predictability Techniques, Penn State. “The record we used is, to the best of our knowledge, the largest, both in time scale and area of land covered.”

When will warmist scientists here admit the apocalypse they predicted simply isn’t coming?

Cyclones have not increased in frequency or size.

Grain harvests here and around the world are setting records.

Our dams are not drying out, and are way up on last year’s levels.

The rains have kept falling – and even increased.

The polar bears are not dying out.

40 per cent of low-lying atoll islands are increasing in size and another 40 per cent are stable.

Where is this disaster?

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