Renewable Power Australia – Credlin: Liberals Have Too Much Of Labor’s Green Madness

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Australian Political commentator Peta Credlin is right. The Liberals (the main conservative political party here in Australia) cannot get away with just being the lesser evil on renewable energy.

Yes, the Labor Party’s 50 per cent renewable energy target is plainly mad – ruinous – but even the Liberals’ target will cost billions and drive up power prices. Why?

RenewablePowerBut there’s bipartisan agreement on the system that’s produced the current mess. And under the system that both sides have put in place, there is supposed to be a near doubling of wind generation in the next four years.

Labor’s nationwide 50 per cent renewable target will require $50 billion of new wind generators to be built in the next 14 years (all subsidised by taxpayers I might add).

But the bipartisan 23 per cent target will require the building of $10 billion worth of new wind turbines by 2020. That’s $5000 per household in capital costs that you will pay over the next 15 years under Labor versus $1000 per household in capital costs that you will pay in just four years under the Coalition.

Then there’s the extra cost associated with running back-up systems for when wind and solar generation doesn’t work.

So it’s not much of a choice.

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