Marine Le Pen – France’s Trump Rises

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

France may elect its own Donald Trump.

National Front leader Marine Le Pen says, like him, that she’d slash migration and expel all illegal migrants:

marinelepenFrance’s far-right party leader Marine Le Pen (pictured) on Sunday told thousands of flag-waving supporters chanting “This is our country!” that she alone could protect them against Islamic fundamentalism and globalization if elected president in May…

“What is at stake in this election … is whether France can still be a free nation,” Le Pen told supporters at her campaign launch rally. “The divide is not between the left and right any more but between patriots and globalists.”

In 144 “commitments” published on Saturday, Le Pen says she would drastically curb migration, expel all illegal migrants and restrict certain rights now available to all residents, including free education, to French citizens.

Another story today explains why her message resonates:

Hundreds of asylum-seeking young people are going missing from care once they arrive in Britain, amid concerns they have been targeted for radicalisation by extremist groups during their journey to the UK, a think tank report has warned.

Militant groups such as Islamic State are deliberately preying on vulnerable young people for recruitment, as they make the perilous journey across the Middle East and north Africa, to Europe.

But Le Pen is still tipped to lose the final two-man run-off as the Left and Right unite behind whoever wins the right to run against her:

The Right’s leading candidate, Francois Fillon, has been caught up in a corruption scandal and created an opening for maverick centrist Emmanuel Macron, who could end up facing Ms Le Pen in the final round of the two-part election. Ms Le Pen has been a leader in early polls, which place her at the top in the April 23 first-round vote but not winning the May 7 runoff.


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