Australian Politics – Will Prime Minister Turnbull Back Liberals Wanting To Break Gay Marriage Promise?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

In Australia, the Liberal Party (Conservatives)  won an election – just – on a promise to let the public decide whether to allow same-sex marriage.

Now, having taken their seats, several Liberals say Parliament should decide the issue instead, in what will clearly be an insiders’ stitch up. Will Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull now agree to break his promise … and set off a revolt?

samesexmarriageTensions within the government over same-sex marriage have erupted again with conservative MPs warning Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that allowing a free vote on this issue would be a “betrayal” of the Coalition’s election commitments.

Fairfax Media reported on Saturday that moderate MPs are preparing a push for the Coalition to abandon its policy that a national plebiscite should be held before any vote in the Parliament.

Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz says the Turnbull government should stick with its plebiscite policy

Same-sex marriage supporters in the Liberal Party argue for a vote to be held before the May budget and could raise the issue in the party room within the next fortnight.

Former cabinet minister Eric Abetz said: “The Prime Minister has made it crystal clear that the government’s position is for a plebiscite or nothing…”

No, the Prime Minister has not made the crystal clear at all. He’s been evasive, and I think Abetz actually knows that very well.

Here are the Liberal MPs who seem to need reminding that a promise is a promise, and that one key factor behind the growing disgust with the big parties is that too many politicians don’t keep them:

Fairfax Media understands Liberal MPs including Dean Smith, Warren Entsch, Tim Wilson, Trent Zimmerman, Trevor Evans and Melissa Price are among those leading discussions on how to advance the issue.

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