Voters Back President Trump’s Ban, Two To One

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

From the outcry you’d think Donald Trump’s temporary ban on travellers from seven jihad-prone countries is wildly unpopular. But a Rasmussen poll, taken just before the protests, finds it has two-to-one support.


trumpexecutiveorderrefugeesSimilarly, 56% favor a temporary block on visas prohibiting residents of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the United States until the government approves its ability to screen for likely terrorists. Thirty-two percent (32%) oppose this temporary ban, and 11% are undecided…

This survey was taken late last week prior to the weekend protests against Trump’s executive orders imposing a four-month ban on all refugees and a temporary visa ban on visitors from these seven countries.

So the protesters are trying to block Trump from implementing a policy that was an election promise, that is lawful and that is backed two-to-one by voters.

Don’t they respect democracy.

In New York With A Trump Hat

Janet Albrechtsen is a brave woman. She puts on a Donald Trump hat and walks the streets of New  York. 

The reaction tells us plenty:

makeamericagreatagaincapLater I venture out from my hotel room wearing a red Make America Great Again cap. It’s half experiment, half up-yours to the bad losers. A well-dressed man in his 60s is in the lift as I enter at the 41st floor. “I support you,” he says quietly, even though we’re alone. “You’re brave to be stepping out in that.” We talk about how crazy that is after a democratic election and an inauguration…

In fact, three for three in my favour tells its own crazy story. The second comment is a quick “I’m with you” from a bloke walking towards me. Later, at the annual Winter Antiques Fair at the Park Avenue Armory, I’m finishing off lunch at the cafe when two well-dressed upper-middle-class New Yorkers sit near me. The man asks politely whether my tomato soup is good. Yes, I say, and he tells me about his vegetarian chilli soup. After a few more sips of his soup, he motions to the Trump hat. “You’re brave to wear that hat,” he says quietly. “But I’m with you,” he adds, echoing my two previous interlocutors. Quietly, his wife says she is with me too.

The haters may rule the streets, hog the microphones and cow the conservatives, but they do not change the opinions of the quiet.

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