France Needs Swamp Drained. Who Is Its Trump?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

France needs its own Donald Trump, promising to “drain the swamp”. The conservative candidate in France’s presidential election, former prime minister Francois Fillon, is being investigated over alleged scams involving $850,000 paid to his wife for work she did not do.

Good news for the far Right’s Marine Le Pen, another candidate:

Penelope and Francois Fillon

Penelope and Francois Fillon

French conservative presidential candidate François Fillon and his British wife Penelope were being questioned separately on Monday over allegations she was paid €500,000 [$710,000] for a job as his parliamentary assistant while in fact steering clear of his political activities.

The couple, who appeared on Sunday at a mass Paris rally to kick start his faltering presidential campaign, were questioned by financial fraud officers in Nanterre, west of Paris…

Welsh-born Mrs Fillon also faces allegations that she was unfairly paid €100,000 by a magazine called La Revue des Deux Mondes, owned by a close friend of Mr Fillon’s, for writing two short articles…

Marc Crépu, the former director of the magazine has already been questioned. Last week he told Le Canard that while Mrs Fillon did write “two or three writer’s notes” in the magazine, this could not be construed as “work akin to a literary adviser”…

Mr Fillon has denied any wrongdoing while his wife has not yet responded publicly to the allegations.

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