Australian Politics – The Fading Greens Party Divided: Former Leader Bob Brown Blasts Senator Rhiannon

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The Australian Greens Party guru, and former Party Leader, Bob Brown now blasts Greens Senator and “former” communist Lee Rhiannon, who is undermining the current Greens Party Leader Richard di Natale. What fun.

But here’s the real story: global warming is no longer the urgent moral cause, leaving the fading Greens divided over their real moral purpose.

Australian Greens Party Senator Lee Rhiannon

Australian Greens Party Senator Lee Rhiannon

Rhiannon is a red Green, or watermelon – green on the outside but red inside. Cue the warfare:

The factional fight within the Greens is escalating into an all-out public brawl…

NSW senator Lee Rhiannon has told Fairfax Media the party is at a “crossroads” and should channel the radical worker-driven policies of U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to re-energise supporters – but her comments have drawn fire from party elder Bob Brown, who has re-entered the political fray to label her a wrecker and the “Greens version of Tony Abbott”…

The public fight comes after the formation last month of a new far-left, anti-capitalist faction within the NSW Greens called Left Renewal. Senator Rhiannon says she is not a part of the faction, but she is closely linked to a number of its members and has publicly defended its right to exist…

New polling analysis – commissioned by Senator Di Natale’s critics and obtained by Fairfax Media – suggests the party’s vote has been sliding since the July 2 election.

Based on data from every published opinion poll in 2016, the analysis finds the mean first-preference support for the party in the first half of the year was 11.23 per cent, compared to 10 per cent by the end of it…

However, those aligned with Senator Di Natale say any decline in national polling numbers can largely be blamed on the “radical agenda” of the NSW branch dragging them down.

Australian Greens LogoMr Brown, who led the party from 1996 to 2012, believes the NSW branch is holding the party back, saying Senator Rhiannon and “her Left Renewal” are determined to destabilise the party.

“People say two things to me: what a good fellow Richard is and when is Lee going. NSW voters have often told me they won’t vote Green until Lee goes. That’s why Labor loves her,” Mr Brown said.

“When it comes to political white-anting, Lee is the Greens’ version of Tony Abbott.”…

Left Renewal is seen as an escalation in the long-running factional battle between the heavily socialist so-called “eastern bloc” of the Greens and the middle-class environmentalists they dismiss as “tree Tories”. Senator Di Natale has described the group’s anti-capitalist agenda as “ridiculous” and has called on its members to consider joining another party.

It has long been a Marxist tactic to take over more voter-friendly organisations to use them as front for their own hard-line agendas. I suspect this is precisely what’s going on with the Greens.

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