I CANNOT Believe What Liberals Are Planning To Do 5 Days Before The Inauguration

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20110728_AllenWest1RBBy LTC Allen West (U.S. Army Ret) ~

If you haven’t been paying attention, there’s something very dangerous and nefarious happening with regard to the future of the state of Israel. In these final days before the exit of Barack Obama, we see an all-out assault by the global, progressive, socialist Left, and their accomplices of despots, autocrats, and Islamo-fascists, to undermine the existence of Israel.

On the Friday before Christmas, can you believe the Obama administration abstained from the UN Security Council vote that condemned Israel over “settlements?” We must once again reiterate that term is used to delegitimize Israel’s right to build neighborhoods and communities for its people.

Israel In The CrosshairsHow can it be that one single nation can be so vilified for its existence? And so, ol’ Barry Soetoro, as part of his scorched earth policy, has unleashed the hounds of hell by assisting in the creation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, and enabling it to pass. Then, Obama dispatched his henchman, Secretary of State John Kerry, to go on an almost 90-minute rant against Israel. If that’s what friendship looks like, Israel is gonna be far better off when Obama departs. And what makes this particular brand of nomadic, violent, terror-prone Arabs so special to the left?

We now know French President Hollande is going to host a peace conference on January 15 – five days before the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. There’s no doubt there’s a focused move to box in an incoming Trump administration in matters of Middle East policy.

As reported by Reuters, “France will convene some 70 countries on Jan. 15 for a Middle East peace conference in Paris…and will invite the Israeli and Palestinian leaders to meet separately at its conclusion. France has repeatedly tried to breathe new life into the peace process this year, holding a preliminary conference in June where the United Nations, European Union, United States and major Arab countries gathered to discuss proposals without the Israelis or Palestinians present.

The plan was to hold a follow-up conference before the end of the year with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas involved to see whether the two sides could be brought back to negotiations and revive moribund peace talks. Netanyahu had repeatedly rejected the conference proposal.

“France is still determined to hold a conference in Paris to reaffirm the necessity of a two-state solution,” Jean-Marc Ayrault told journalists. “January 15 is the date that has been fixed and 70 countries are invited. We are not going to give up now.” A French diplomatic source said invitations would also be sent to Netanyahu and Abbas to meet French president Francois Hollande to outline the results of the conference.”

So, let me get this straight: 70 nations are going to get together and decide what happens with Israel and a non-state entity, and then one person – French President Hollande – will tell them what they decided? YGTBSM.

Would anyone in America sit back and allow 70 other countries to determine the border relationship between the US and Mexico, and then tell us what they decided? What happens if all of a sudden these 70 nations decided to make a “Palestinian” state?

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is just supposed to come in for an after-action report from a gang of hyenas that decided the future and scope of his nation? Folks, you cannot make this stuff up, and I guess we’re supposed to sit back and say, “okay?”

Needless to say, this is a parting shot against Israel before Trump takes office, and to see who will assemble to make such a conference five days before the inauguration in the United States of America. I suppose the American representatives at this conference will be from the Obama administration, right? Then, just as with UNSCR 2334, the incoming Trump administration will have to contend with the decisions that an obviously vindictive Barack Obama has instigated.

Let’s be honest, the Palestinian Authority, under the rule of Mahmoud Abbas – aka Abu Mazen – is Fatah; the original terrorist organization descended from the PLO. Israel has done everything asked of them, and yet they get more violence.

The bottom line is that Fatah, Hamas and Islamic terrorists all want Israel destroyed. They want the Jewish people killed. Damn, if these jackasses say so, then why do these Leftist progressives refuse to believe them, and make them out to be victims?

Fatah (in the West Bank, Ramallah), teaches their kids to hate and kill Jews. They name streets, squares, and memorials after terrorists. They use the largesse provided by Western nations to give stipends and living allowances to families of “martyrs” – though we call them murderers. And 70 nations are supposed to get together and decide the future relating to these enraged, blood-thirsty terrorists? Whether they’re wearing slick suits or covering up their faces, it’s the same result.

You want to know how the terrorist Arabs act when they don’t get their way? You sure ain’t gonna see this in American mainstream media, so this comes courtesy of World Israel News:

“A senior PA official threatened more bloodshed and a confrontation with Trump over the incoming administration’s policy on settlements. A senior adviser to Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas suggested on Egypt’s Alghad TV on Sunday that Palestinians should “prepare for a confrontation” with US President-elect Trump when he moves into the White House. 

“We must prepare for a confrontation with the new US administration, which has clearly and audaciously declared that Israel and its settlements are legitimate and legal and has sent a delegation in order to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” said Sultan Abu al-Einein, a Fatah Central Committee member, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI). 

Trump’s Israel adviser, Jason Greenblatt, made it clear shortly after the 2016 US election that the president-elect does not view Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria as obstacles to peace. David Friedman, appointed by Trump as US ambassador to Israel, has stated that he “look[s] forward to working from the US embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.” 

Al-Einein contended that such policy positions would lead to Palestinian bloodshed throughout Judea and Samaria.”I believe that any American act of stupidity will ignite the Palestinian territories and that the US administration, along with the Israeli arrogance in continuing its settlement activity, will bear responsibility for a return of bloodshed in the Palestinian territories,” he stated. A few weeks ago, senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat claimed that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem would completely destroy the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.”

So, the response from the “poor, victimized” Palestinians is they’ll fight, they’ll confront and they’ll kill you. Sadly, we have constantly just cowered and acquiesced to their savagery and barbarism. Just as Trump questioned, who is China to tell America who we can talk to? Who is this chucklehead telling us where we can move our U.S. embassy?

Jerusalem is the long standing capital of the Jewish state. That is historic, and no amount of conquering can alter that fact. It is called the City of David after all, and even Roman Emperor Hadrian tried to defeat its existence by renaming it Aeolia Capitolina. Hadrian and the Roman Empire are gone; Jerusalem still stands.

My counsel to Fatah is to pipe down; threats will no longer matter. My counsel to President Hollande is to cancel this conference, at least until after our inauguration. The incoming Trump administration won’t give a doggone about what’s decided on January 15. And the PLO descendants shouldn’t get their hopes up, because the incoming Trump administration won’t be pushed into a corner by this gathering of buzzards circling above Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu knows that come January 20, there’s a new sheriff in town, and he doesn’t have to be bullied. Obama just needs to go away and realize his plans won’t come to fruition, and this resolution and conference on January 15 will have no long lasting effect.

The two-state solution was Israel and Jordan. The PLO waged violent terror attacks, and somehow they became victims. If Abu Mazen and the cacophony of Islamic terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, al- Qaida, ISIS, Islamic Jihad, al Quds, and al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – all surrounding Israel, many supported by Iran – refuse to recognize the existence of the Jewish State of Israel, then screw them. There can be no peace with Islamic terrorism and jihadism.

Y’all just need to know that cowards like Obama and Hollande are on the way out…irrelevant. This is, indeed, now a “Brave New World” where your savage ranting will be met initially with diplomatic effort…followed by an ass-whupping.

Contributing Editor Lt. Col (Retired) Allen West served 22 years in the US Army and represented Florida’s 22nd Congressional District in the US House of Representatives from 2011-2013.

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