The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

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20080516_lee_ce_photoBy Gregory D. Lee ~

Democrat National Committee and its media cohorts would like you to believe that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election because the mean Russians hacked into the DNC email server and stole confidential campaign information. The Main Stream Media (MSM) is reporting that Mr. Putin personally must have ordered his henchmen to hack and expose Democratic National Committee emails to sway the electorate to vote for the evil Donald Trump instead of the people’s obvious choice for president, Hillary.

20150306_HILLARYCLINTONSMUGNOSMILEJust ask any hardcore Democrat, and they will tell you that Trump publicly asked the Ruskies to hack Hillary’s emails. Trump said no such thing, but what difference does it make at this point? During a news conference, Trump jokingly asked the Russians to release Hillary’s 30,000 “lost” emails if they had them.

The MSM didn’t get Trump’s humor, and are still reporting that he encouraged Putin to hack emails for his political advantage in an attempt to deprive the former Secretary of State of her rightful place in history, and instead install Trump as president. Hillary later blamed FBI Director James Comey for the reason she lost the presidential election. Hillary lost because she was a boring, lousy campaigner and people didn’t like hearing her policies to put the coal industry out of business, not enforce federal immigration laws, develop new gun controls, forgive student loans, make colleges tuition free, increase federal programs by at least $15 trillion, and expand Obamacare.

Or, maybe Hillary lost the election because of the hacked DNC emails WikiLeaks released and the emails the FBI discovered on her private server exposing:

– The DNC made efforts to derail Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

– CNN gave Donna Brazile the questions Hillary would be asked at a Town Hall meeting with crazy Bernie ahead of time, and passed them on to Hillary who went along with it.

– The DNC paid operatives to commit violence to disrupt Donald Trump rallies in an effort to make you believe that Trump supporters were the aggressors, when they were actually the victims.

– In lucrative private speeches, Hillary said she needed both “public and private” positions on issues.

– Her campaign chairman, Jon Podesta, invited George Stephanopoulos, Charlie Rose, Wolf Blitzer, Norah O’Donnell, and many other well-known so-called “journalists” to a party where they planned strategies to promote Hillary’s campaign. Some print articles were run past the campaign for approval before they were published.

– She lied about using only one communication device when she had used upwards of 15, some of which were destroyed by a hammer.

– She lied about sending and receiving classified emails on her private server.

– She lied about handing over all her government related emails to the Department of State.

– etc., etc., etc.

And, if you’re not convinced the FBI and Russians were behind Hillary’s defeat, then she would like you to believe that she was a victim of “fake news.”

The problem with that excuse is that at one Town Hall meeting, a child actress, posing as an audience member “chosen at random,” asked Hillary a question about Trump abusing women.

Her MSM cohorts reported that Trump mocked a disabled reporter, when in fact he has used those same gestures in the past to illustrate frustration, not someone’s disability.

Hillary called fake news an “epidemic.” I wouldn’t call it that, but over the years there have been well-documented MSM fake news stories. NBC edited the 9-1-1 tape of George Zimmerman calling police about a suspicious person in such a way that you would think he only called because Travon Martin was black. CBS ran a series of segments using forged documents in an attempt to prove President George W. Bush went AWOL while a Texas Air National Guardsman. NBC placed explosive charges near the gas tank of a GMC pickup truck to “prove” they were vulnerable to explosion if struck from behind. CNN reported that Michael Brown, aka “the gentle giant,” of Ferguson, MO fame, was walking to his grandmother’s home while contemplating going to college, and that he had his hands up yelling, “hands up, don’t shoot” when he was shot in cold blood by the police. None of the above was true.

Trump will be the 45th President of the United States despite Democrats attempt to influence members of the Electoral College to change their vote.

Hillary and the Democrats need to get over it. Contributing Editor Gregory D. Lee is a retired Supervisory Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the author of three criminal justice textbooks. While on DEA diplomatic assignment in Pakistan, he was involved in the investigation of several notable terrorism events and arrests. He recently retired after more than 39 years of active and reserve service from the U.S. Army Reserve as a Chief Warrant Officer Five Special Agent for the Criminal Investigation Division Command, better known as CID. In 2011 he completed a combat tour of duty in Afghanistan while on special assignment to the Special Operations Command Europe.

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