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Today’s music video is Now I Can Dance, and it is being sung here in this clip by the Australian singer/songwriter Tina Arena.

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This video was posted to You Tube by Tina Arena

In the mid and late 196o’s here in Australia, as a new era in popular music was taking hold, one of the Australian music stars was John Young, probably the biggest name in Australian music at that time, with a series of Number One hit Singles, both for himself and also as a composer of popular songs for other artists.

n 1971, he started up and hosted a TV music show where he featured young artists just beginning in the industry, The show was called Young Talent Time, and it was immensely popular. The show had a core of around eight to ten young singers ranging in age from 8 years old through to around 16 or 17 years old. Every year or so, one of the older starts would leave, replaced by a younger singer. They would sing, solo, or in groups most of the current popular music.  The show ran for 17 years and won a number of TV awards across those years. It gave a large number of young artists their start in the music industry.

Tina Arena was one of those young stars.

She started at a very young age, and in fact, she was only seven years old when she started on the show in mid 1974. Even at that age, she had a powerful voice, and a commanding stage presence, and was one of the popular girls on the program across the near ten years she had on that program.

When the show finally did fold, Tina was at an age when she could move directly sideways into that further music career, although in those early days as a solo artist on her own, she was somewhat hampered by the ‘child star’ tag which followed her from that immensely popular TV show.

She brought out her first album not long after the show folded, and while it sold well, and produced a minor hit, it wasn’t until four years later that she made it into the big time.

In 1995, Tina produced an album that left no one in doubt those early days were a thing of the past, with her album titled Don’t Ask.

The album went to Number One on the Australian albums charts, and it sold ‘off the wall’ in Australia, and is currently certified as ten times Platinum.

Five Singles were lifted from the album, and three of those went into the Top Ten.

tinaarenanowicandanceThe follow up album to that monster was In Deep, which was released in 1997, and debuted at Number One on the albums charts, and had a number of the songs released as Singles. The biggest of those was Burn, which made it to Number 5 on the Singles charts.

The song I have featured today, Now I Can Dance was also released as a Single, and it almost made it into the Top Ten. As with most of her songs, Tine wrote them herself, and her co-writer for this song is David Tyson, who teamed with her on around half of the songs for this, and also on the earlier album as well.

At the same time as her popularity her in Australia, she was also hugely popular in Europe, especially in France, and she based herself in France for a long time because she was such a start there.

This song, released while she was in France is based around a love letter from her to her family back home in Australia.

The song goes in well with Tina’s real life, as in 2013, she appeared on the Australian TV dance show, Dancing With The Stars. She was regularly the top scoring dancer week after week, and was considered the favourite to take out the competition. She eventually finished in third place, even though she scored the highest scores from the judges, proving again how fickle an audience is on these reality TV programs.

Tina Arena is a real superstar of the Australian music industry, and he powerful voice as shown with this song proves just why.

She is one of the most successful female music starts Australia has produced, and has sold more than ten million records Worldwide.

It’s just so hard to believe that she has been around for so many years, starting as she did at such a young age.

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