Renewable Power Australia – Don’t Fall For This Mad Green Scheme

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Fairfax newspapers claim the magic pudding has been invented – a scheme to force us to use more expensive and unreliable electricity and STILL PAY LESS MONEY.

Macarthur Wind Plant In Victoria Australia

Macarthur Wind Plant In Victoria Australia

Only an idiot would believe it:

The Turnbull government is sitting on advice that an emissions intensity scheme – the carbon policy it put on the table only to rule out just 36 hours later – would save households and businesses across the country up to $15 billion in electricity bills over a decade.

Read a bit further and you see the catch:

The proposed scheme would set a limit on how much a power station could freely emit for every unit of power generated.

Cleaner generators that emitted less than the limit would earn credits, and sell them to high-emitting plants that breached the limit.

Proponents say it means coal would effectively subsidise cleaner power, and that it would encourage a greater range of types of cleaner power, increasing competition, further reducing costs.


But wait.

The coal-fired generators would happily hand over millions of dollars – billions, even – to wind and power operators?


Isn’t the truth that they would decide what the operators of the giant Hazelwood coal-fired generator in Victoria have just done: that there’s no way they can make a buck, and so should close?

Then what? Victorians know the answer: a 10 per cent hike in electricity bills from January, as a result of the Hazelwood announcement, with more to come when Hazelwood actually stops. That in turn puts other companies, probably including the Portland smelter, out of business. And is the cost of all this factored into these “savings”?

And how about the cost of moving to a power system more liable to fail, just as South Australia’s wind-reliant system does? Are those costs factored in, too?

In short, this is bull.

No system that forces us to use more expensive green power, and less reliable, will save us money.

The only answer is to stop this whole madness now.

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