U.S. Election Response In Australia – Post-Truth Is Staring Back At Julia Baird In The Mirror

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Julia Baird, of the (Australian) ABC Left, complains about the “post truth” times of Donald Trump – one of the most absurd memes of the Left that’s pushed the global scare and the Trump=Hitler canard.


So how did we get here? The more time I spend in America, the more worried I become not just about the abandonment of fact, but how we came to a point where trust in the media is the lowest it has been since 1972.

Yet Baird has to look no further than the mirror to see someone responsible for the abandonment of fact and decline in trust in the media.

This is from 2013:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Logo

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Logo

Julia Baird, former ABC journalist and voted one of Australia’s Top 100 Intellectuals, has no trouble fooling the New York Times about the women-hatred she alleges brought down Julia Gillard.

Her deceptive piece starts with critical facts omitted – facts that would have exposed her very first paragraph as a joke:

In Australia, Misogyny Lives On


THE fastest way to lance a country’s anxieties about women and power is to appoint a female leader.

For the three years and three days that Julia Gillard was prime minister of Australia, we debated the fit of her jackets, the size of her bottom, the exposure of her cleavage, the cut of her hair, the tone of her voice, the legitimacy of her rule and whether she had chosen, as one member of Parliament from the opposition Liberal Party put it, to be “deliberately barren.”

The sexism was visceral and often grotesque.

So who are these misogynists – these women-haters – whose “visceral sexism” and “anxieties about women and power” were exposed by the rise of our first female Prime Minister?

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Let’s take Baird’s examples in order.

– “the fit of her jackets” – a criticism first offered by the “misogynist” Germaine Greer, actually a leader of modern feminism.

– “the size of her bottom” – criticism again from the “misogynist” Germaine Greer.

– “the exposure of her cleavage” – a criticism first offered by “misogynist” Grace Collier, actually a former union official.

– “the cut of her hair” – a criticism offered by several “misogynist” women, notably Anita Qigley, a news executive.

– “the tone of her voice” – a criticsm made by many, notably by “misogynist” speech coach, throat singer and didgeridoo advocate Dean Frenkel, writing in the far-Left “misogynist” Age.

– “the legitimacy of her rule” – a valid criticism made by many “misogynists” in Labor, which has now reversed its decision to sack Kevin Rudd. In fact, even the “misogynist” Julia Baird herself later concedes Gillard’s “biggest problem may have been the way she became Australia’s first female prime minister”.

– “whether she had chosen, as one member of Parliament from the opposition Liberal Party put it, to be ‘deliberately barren’.” – a criticism made by Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan and apologised for three years before Gillard became Prime Minister.

Few readers of the New York Times would have known just who provided the examples Baird gave of the appalling hatred of women that brought down Gillard. Had they realised those examples of “misogyny” in fact came from a veteran feminist, a female ex-unionist, a female journalist, a speech-coach writing for a far-Left newspaper and a Liberal Senator speaking three years before Gillard actually rose to power, would they have accepted Baird’s thesis that women-haters destroyed Gillard?

Or would they understand, as I do, that Baird’s theory is complete bunkum, built from bull?

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