Seth MacFarlane: Trump Stinks Because He’s ‘Of Hollywood,’ Not ‘Of The People’

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TimGrahampicture-13-1409699701By Tim Graham ~

Notoriously atheist and leftist Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter on Friday to explain why so many celebrities loathe Donald Trump. He claimed Trump reminds Tinseltown folk of slimy deal makers, as if Trump is an elitist who rigs the system, and Seth MacFarlane and his Hollywood pals are red-blooded lovers of America.

seth-mac-bern_0“Wanna know why Hollywood folks hate Trump? We live and work amongst his kind every day out here. His tactics are those employed by the shiftiest of agents, lawyers and publicists,” MacFarlane (pictured) wrote. “We’ve learned to recognize the blustery showmanship of a lying con man because we encounter it everyday in our business. We’ve learned to smell it, because it’s bitten us in the ass.”

It’s a good think Trump isn’t Jewish, with “his kind” having an odor and being the “shiftiest.” MacFarlane, who hosted a Comedy Central roast of Trump in March 2011 – no boycott then — has been one of his most vocal celebrity critics. (MacFarlane was a vocal booster of socialist Bernie Sanders.) His show also made fun of Trump and edited in his Family Guy lead character Peter Griffin into the leaked 2005 Billy Bush tape in an episode before the election.

MacFarlane claimed, “Most of us love America a hell of a lot and we don’t want America to be conned the way many of us have ourselves. Trump is not of the People. Trump is of Hollywood. And that’s the problem.”

As if MacFarlane isn’t “of Hollywood”? This is about as self-evidently hypocritical as atheist MacFarlane making a Christmas record. Or the Hollywood cartoonist/vulgarian who argued that despite the fact that he loves fancy living and dropping $6,000 on an order, “it seems like some judiciously and intelligently applied democratic socialism is a good thing,” starting with “100 percent divestment from oil and gas.”

Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters. He is Director of Media Analysis at the Media Research Center.

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