Free Speech Australia – Police Let Leftist Thugs Decide Who May Meet

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Victoria’s police force has been made so timid and Left-leaning that violent Leftist protesters can close down meetings of conservatives.

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson

Result: Senator Pauline Hanson now cannot meet 200 Jews in Caulfield.

One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts have cancelled a public forum with members of the Jewish community in Melbourne after Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police officials warned they could not guarantee the safety of attendees.

A capacity crowd of 200 had registered for the community forum, which was slated for Sunday night in the southeast Melbourne suburb of Caulfield North. They expected to hear from senators Hanson and Roberts on Islamic immigration, and engage in a Q & A afterwards.

Meeting organiser Avi Yemini told me police even advised him to hire his own muscle and warned that they still could not guarantee the safety of his guests.

He merely wanted Hanson to speak to about 200 conservative Jews about free speech and Islam. The next thing he knows he is talking to state and federal police and even counter-terrorism experts about the danger of the far-Left in Victoria. The meeting has since been cancelled by Hanson for security reasons.

This disgraces Victoria. What is the Andrews Government and the police saying: that conservatives should just not meet? Or that they should form their own street-fighting groups to defend themselves?

Why is the law not firmly upheld, freedom of assembly guaranteed and the streets reclaimed?

And shame of the Left-leaning Jewish leadership that has let Yemini hang out to dry. Don’t those leaders, to the Left of the Jewish grass roots, realise yet that the most potent threats to their community now comes from the Left? Don’t they realise that free speech is their greatest hope of defence as this society tribalises? After all, in a test of numbers – as in a street brawl – the Jews will lose.

Yet the mainstream Jewish leadership, almost to a man, backs the erosion of free speech and continues to try to curry favor with the Left with whom they grew up but which is now betraying them. The BDS movement – where do they think that comes from? The anti-Israel propaganda – which network peddles that most? Mass migration from the Muslim Third World, so hostile to Jews – which side of politics wants more of it?

Note: what happened to Yemini happened also to people who’d planned to hold a function at which I would speak. They, too, were advised to hire their own security and were still told police could not guarantee the safety of people attending.

Is this really how a civil society operates?

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