Renewable Power Australia – More Blackouts In South Australia. Where’s The Wind?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

South Australia gets disconnected from the national electricity grid, meaning it must rely on its own electricity – including all that expensive wind power it boasts about.

Result: blackouts affecting 200,000 people.

Clements Gap wind plant in South Australia

Clements Gap wind plant in South Australia

About 200,000 people experienced power outages overnight after South Australia disconnected from the national electricity network.

The Australian Energy Market Regulator said South Australia disconnected from the national network at 12.16am on Thursday but remained operating as a separate entity.

And that’s after the state-wide blackout caused when six wind farms could not handle a storm and tripped out.

TonyfromOz adds:

This power blackout happened just after Midnight on the Thursday Morning.

Wind power in South Australia was delivering 100MW of its (almost) 1600MW Nameplate, around 6.25% of total Capacity, so, one turbine in every sixteen with it’s blades actually moving.

Total Demand for South Australia at that time, even with almost everyone tucked up in bed asleep was 1150MW.

Lucky this outage from Victoria (South Australia’s main electricity supplier) happened when it did, and not during the day with Total Demand up around 1500MW.

This again proves that a State, or large area, cannot survive on just wind power alone as the main source of power generation. What do you do when there is a sudden collapse of real power, and the wind is just not blowing?

Sources – Aneroid Wind and AEMO

Also, note that even when Demand is at its absolute minimum for the day, power consumption is still around two thirds of the maximum total demand.

That’s simple Load Curve Maths, and until that time when people start to take those Load curves seriously, for what they actually do tell us, then the renewables fallacy will keep making traction.

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