U.S. Election Response In Australia – ABC Anti-Trump Protest Enters Third Week

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Australia’s ABC media, furious at Donald Trump’s win, has run a non-stop campaign since the election result  to show that President Trump will be a disaster, that Trump is an idiot, and that Trump is stuffing up already, etc etc etc.

This is not reporting, but staging a tantrum. Today it starts again with Fran Kelly.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Logo

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Logo

Yesterday  Kelly’s show was astonishing in regurgitating every anti-Trump meme it could find.

Today Kelly interviews at length another Trump critic who thinks Trump’s hotels will be patronised by visiting dignitaries seeking to curry favor with the new president.

Meanwhile, this decision – with its obvious implications – escapes scrutiny:

The federal government has not renewed any of its partnerships with the Clinton Foundation.

Labor and coalition governments over the past decade have paid more than $75 million to the anti-poverty foundation set up by the former first family of the United States, but questions have been raised about its accountability.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told the coalition joint party room on Tuesday agreements entered into by the Rudd-Gillard government had not been renewed.

So we donated while Clinton and her husband were powerful – and Hillary either Secretary of State or possible President – but we won’t donate now that she’s not.

Doesn’t that suggest exactly what critics have long warned? That the Clinton Foundation, despite some good work, was also a pay-to-play front? And that  cost us hundreds of millions of dollars more than the price of a hotel room.

It will be very interesting now to see how the election result affects donations to the Foundation. If other countries also drop off, we’ll know all.

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