U.S. Election Response In Australia – ABC Insane With Anti-Trump Hatred

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

The ABC in Australia is crazed with hatred for Donald Trump. In one astonishing item today for activist Fran Kelly’s Radio National Breakfast show we’re asked to believe that a meeting of fewer than 200 white racists represents Trump and  Trump has not repudiated them enough.

One man at that meeting is beaten up and left bloodied by Leftist activists but he – and not the Leftist thugs – is still portrayed as the aggressor.

LeftTurnFar-Left MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is quoted attacking Trump as if she is the voice of the mainstream.

Trump is also attacked for postponing a meeting with the New York Times, his vehement critic, and is deplored for thinking Nigel Farage could be a good ambassador.

There is horror at Trump’s suggestion that his son-in-law could help him bring Israel and the Palestinians together. No background is given to this suggestion: as in that Jared Kushner is a successful businessman, a key advisor in Trump’s successful campaign and an Orthodox Jew.

Yesterday’s roundup for Radio National Breakfast was also unremittingly hostile.

How much longer will it be before the ABC starts to report on Trump dispassionately – as if he were another President of the United States and not a Hitler in chrysalis form?

Right now this is not reporting but shrieking. And the ABC audience will be as misled about the Trump administration as it was about the Trump campaign.


Australian Broadcasting Corporation Logo

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Logo

Jon Faine is again venting on ABC Melbourne.

But Tony Thomas is particularly struck by Emma Alberici’s effort:

ABC TV’s Emma Alberici wants us to believe that lice are twice as popular as US president-elect Donald Trump. In her 34-minute Foreign Correspondent special on Sunday night (20/11) she splices in (at 29mins) polling data showing 54% of respondent voters favored lice over Trump, while only 28% favored Trump over lice.

This doubtless had Alberici’s luvvie pals squirming with pleasure. It did nothing for the credibility of herself, Foreign Correspondent or the ABC. Nor did she see any inconsistency worth explaining between the lice “finding” and Trump getting 61 million votes in the election.

She provided no context for the lice poll, merely lifting the factoid in from a youtube clip. In fact, the poll involved 1222 respondents nationally last May, and generated a raft of other crazy memes like Trump being slightly more popular than haemorrhoids and cockroaches.

Needless to say, the pollsters never sought views on whether Hillary Clinton was more popular than lice, cockroaches or haemorrhoids, or whether Trump supporters hung up the phone rather than take any more anti-Trump insults. But it was good enough for Alberici as part of Foreign Correspondent’s juvenile stitch-up of Trump and his supporters.

There is more. Much more.

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