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Today’s music video is Lost For Words, and it is being sung here by the English group Pink Floyd.

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During your life, you associate with a lot of music, and probably, across the years, at different times, you have a favourite band or a favourite singing artist, both male and female. Sometimes, your tastes in music may change across all those years and a band you once loved may even be replaced by a new one. When you’re young, you have a favourite band, and no real idea that will stay that way throughout your life.

My favourite band has always been Pink Floyd, and it has stayed that way for now for more than 45 years.

Towards the end of 2014, the band released their most recent album, The Endless River. This was their fifteenth studio album. I went looking for the album before it was released, wanting to be certain I could obtain a copy. I ordered the album, and even put my name on the list to get hold of one of the Vinyl LPs. I was reliably informed that my chances of getting one at the record shop where I placed that order were slim, and then I was later informed that there was not going to be any copies available here where I lived, even with a specific order for one of them. I was resigned to not obtaining a copy of that vinyl LP, so I just settled for the CD.

To my unbelievable surprise, on Christmas Day, I was handed a present from my Grand Daughter, and it was obvious what it was, as how else can you gift wrap a twelve inch Long Play record. She had found a copy in another music store, and would not let go of it until her Father arrived to secure it for her.

It might seem a little picky of me to specifically want to have the LP in this day and age of CDs and Download Music, but you see, I already had every other Pink Floyd album, bar one, on vinyl LP, dating back to their first album release, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, first released in 1967.

Now I can say I had all of them bar one, because I was certain that their 1987 album, Momentary Lapse Of Reason was not released on vinyl LP, but whichever way it went, I did have all 15 of their Studio Albums, having that missing LP on a CD.

Lo and behold, the week after Christmas, my Sister got hold of, and sent me that one missing album on the LP, something I did not think existed.

So now, I can say with some pride really, that I own all 15 Studio Albums from Pink Floyd, and all of them on vinyl LPs.

Pink Floyd have a long and very distinguished career in the music industry, and while some people immediately associate the band with just one album, The Dark Side Of The Moon, that album was their 8th Studio album.

The band was originally made up of four members, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and Syd Barratt. Barratt eased out of the band after their second LP, and David Gilmour replaced him, and he had already become part of the band with that second album, as Syd Barratt became increasingly more erratic.

Roger Waters left the band after the release of their 12th album in 1983. The perception then was that the band would either fold, or become just a shadow of their earlier self.

The band then released their 13th album, the one I thought was not available on LP, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, and contrary to what the thinking was, and also what Roger Waters perceived, that album was a monumentally huge success, both in sales and the maintenance of the band’s popularity. The now three piece band embarked on what was originally planned to be a short tour, and that morphed into a two year World wide tour to support the album, and this was perhaps the band’s biggest tour in their history, even surpassing the tour which followed the release of their album The Wall. This tour played 197 shows across those two years and crowd numbers were in excess of 5.5 Million people.

Their was some thought also that without Roger Waters, the band would be a shadow of its former self, but wherever they went, they played to jam packed stadiums.

pinkfloydthedivisionbellIn the wake of that immense tour, the band eased back, and it wasn’t until 1994 that the remaining members released their 14th Studio album, The Division Bell. David Gilmour was now the driving force for the band as he was when Roger Waters left.

That album sold well, but was reviewed as only average. However, what needs to be realised here is that the band had a huge following, and anything they brought out as new music would have sold well, no matter what. Being a huge fan, I thought that the album was, as usual, brilliant, and I waited a long time before I actually did get hold of the album on vinyl LP.

The video clip I have selected for today is the song Lost For Words from that album. It was co-written by Gilmour and his new companion, and now his wife, Polly Samson.

The song may actually be perceived to be angry in nature, as it is in response to his relationship with former band member Roger Waters. All that aside, the music is just beautiful, and when the lyrics finish, Gilmour comes in with a beautiful acoustic guitar piece for the last minute of the song, starting at the 4 minute mark, a soaring and beautiful piece of music, that some critics actually labelled as bland and rambling.

As a die hard long term fan of the band, and most especially of Gilmour’s beautiful guitar playing, I may perhaps actually be a little biassed in nature when it comes to something like this, but hey, I know what I like, and I like this.

Sadly, one of the band’s founding members, the (perhaps) flawed Syd Barratt died in 2006, and keyboard player Richard Wright passed away in 2008.

That last album of theirs, The Endless River actually includes a lot of keyboards from Wright, as most of the stuff was recorded during the sessions for the earlier album.

This is a band remembered for that one absolutely astonishing album, and perhaps three or four others, but all of their vast body of work shows just how far the band has progressed, keeping in mind that there are 47 years between their first and their most recent album.

Incidentally, that pictured cover for the album was designed by long time artwork designer for the band, Storm Thorgerson, also now sadly passed away. Those two sculptures were specifically constructed for the album cover. They show two metal heads, each around 50 feet tall. They face each other in close profile and together they form a third head, facing out towards the viewer, a striking image.

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