U.S. Election Response In Australia – Charming Children Of The Left: “Kill Trump”

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Children in an Australian state school in the far-Left inner Sydney suburb of Newtown have absorbed the key value of the Left.

I mean violent intolerance, of course:LeftTurn

The After School Klub at Newtown Public School in Sydney confirmed it held special lessons to comfort students upset at the result of the US election.

“The kids were upset and chanting ‘we hate Trump’ and these are kindergarten kids who are five and six years old,” The After School Klub’s supervisor, Bek Ames, told the Inner West Courier. “Some of the kids were saying we should kill Trump and Trump should kill himself.”

Judge the politics of Newtown by this: the state representative for Newtown is a Greens Party MP, Jenny Leong.


I will say it again: with many of the Left it’s not the principle that counts but the side. And with such tribalists, their claimed morality is actually just a thin disguise for hatred:

A photo taken at a protest outside the new Trump hotel in the nation’s capital — an image showing a sign reading, “Rape Melania,” referring to the president-elect’s wife — caused widespread controversy not only because of the jihad-like call for sexual violence, but also because the phrase has become a trending topic on Twitter.

Many were angered by the sign and, after the hashtag “Rape Melania” was used tens of thousands of times on the social media platform, the far-flung network was condemned for allowing such a violent suggestion to trend, especially in an age when sexual violence against women occupies a prominent place in the public discourse.



Melania Trump is a former model and is now going to be the First Lady of the United States.

But hours after her husband Donald Trump won the Presidential elections, she is being slut-shamed on social media. Strangely enough, by the “liberals” who have criticised her husband for his sexism and misogyny.

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