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Today’s music video is First We Take Manhattan, the song written by Leonard Cohen, and sung here by Jennifer Warnes.

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This video was posted to You Tube by Dave Joern

Recently, the passing of famed Canadian poet, author, singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen was announced. I was never a huge fan, but I did like a couple of his songs. In all the media coverage of his sad passing, some stations played small clips of some of his songs. I did notice one particular song, one I really did like at the time it was a minor hit here in Australia, and I was surprised to find that the song was written by Leonard Cohen. Sometimes you like particular songs and you only really associate them with the person actually singing the song. You like the song, but not quite enough to go out and get the album and in doing that, you can find out the details from the album. I really only remember hearing the song on the radio, and I always liked it, but after that time when it did receive regular airplay on the radio, it faded away, and I rarely heard the song at all, only occasionally.

When I heard this short clip with the announcement of his death, I was surprised that it was a Leonard Cohen song, so I went and found the song, and that’s why I am featuring it today.

jenniferwarnesfamousblueraincoatThe song was written by Leonard Cohen thirty years ago, way back in 1986, and in that same year, the singer of today’s clip, Jennifer Warnes recorded an album made up entirely of Leonard Cohen songs. That album, Famous Blue Raincoat was released early in 1987, and this song was the first of the Singles lifted from the album.

It was only a minor hit here in Australia, just making it into the Top Forty, just getting into the Twenties, but it was played regularly on radio, and also on the Australian TV music show, Countdown, now in its last year when this song was released, and still one of the most popular music shows on Australian TV.

Jennifer Warnes already had a long and successful music career, with two huge Number One hits, and some other minor hits as well, and as much as I liked them, this by far was my favourite song of hers.

Leonard Cohen actually appears in the video clip for this song, not actually singing, as Jennifer did all the vocals. What gave the song that little extra was the driving guitar playing of Stevie Ray Vaughan, who also appears in the video as well.

I have often mentioned in these music Posts I do that I am continually learning about even my own tastes in music as the years progress, and this was just another of those occasions when I did learn something new.

The passing of Leonard Cohen is indeed sad for the music industry as a whole, but at least with something like this, we will always have something to remember them by.

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