If Trump Had Done This, What Would The Media Say?

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

If Trump had reacted to defeat the way that Clinton and her supporters have, the media would have torn them apart as a menace to democracy. So why this forgiveness for the Left?

The media would have torn into Donald Trump and his supporters as sore losers, violent and a menace to democracy had they carried on as Hillary Clinton and her supporters have.

Imagine the roles reversed.

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

Imagine if Trump, not Clinton, had refused to turn up to his big election night function to address his supporters and admit he’d lost.

Imagine if Trump, not Clinton, had claimed his loss proved the country was more divided than he’d thought.

Imagine if Trump supporters, not Clinton’s, had bashed people for voting for the opponent.

Imagine if tens of thousands of Trump supporters, not Clinton’s, had marched in protest at the result, chanting abuse and burning effigies.

Imagine if more than 120 Trump supporters, not Clinton’s, had been arrested in violently protesting the result and blocking other Americans from going about their business.

Imagine if many prominent Trump supporters, not Clinton’s, had denounced the result and abused the voters.

What would the media be saying today?

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