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Today’s music video is Faithless Love, and it is being sung here by that legend of American music Linda Ronstadt.

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Without question, Linda Ronstadt has to have one of the most beautiful singing voices in modern popular music from any era.

She started out in California in the mid 60’s and she was the lead singer for one of the original folk rock outfits The Stone Poneys, and they had a huge hit in 1967 with a cover version of the song written by Mike Nesmith, Different Drum, and that’s when I first noticed her beautiful singing voice, as that song was a pretty big hit here in Australia late in that year.

She then set out on a solo career, and while her records sold only in average numbers, she was a hugely popular touring act, and she appeared as an undercard act for many of the top bands and artists at the time, in the late 60s and early 70s. Her original backing band was the nucleus of that huge band, Eagles, and after recording one album backing up Linda, they then set out on their own huge career.

Linda Ronstadt Heart Like A WheelLinda’s major breakthrough in her solo career came in 1974 with the release of her fabulous album Heart Like A Wheel, which was in fact, her fifth solo album in five years.

From that album came two Number One Hits on the mainstream Singles Charts, and a third that topped the Country Charts.

From that point onwards, anything she released sold well.

I was already a fan of her singing, and I had her album released before this, Don’t Cry Now, and I also got one her later albums, Hasten Down The Wind.

Eagles band members always were loyal to Linda, after she gave that band its start, and more often than not, at least two or three of them would provide backing on her albums.

In all, Linda has produced more than 30 Studio Albums, and has had 63 Singles released as well. She also has an incredible 8 consecutive Platinum albums.

She has won 11 Grammy Awards and has also been nominated for Grammy’s a further 17 times.

In an astounding career, she has encompassed many musical genres, and in fact also received nominations for a Tony, and a Golden Globe for her work in the Opera The Pirates Of Penzance, on both Stage and Screen.

Linda has sold more than 30 million records in the U.S. alone.

Today’s featured song is from that Monster 1974 album Heart Like A Wheel. Her two mainstream Number Ones from that album were the Clint Ballard Jr. composition You’re No Good, and the Phil Everly composition When Will I Be Loved.

As is usually the case, my favourite song from most albums I have in my collection is not necessarily the one that was the big hit, and such was the case with this beautiful album.

That song is the J.D. Souther composition Faithless Love, and that’s the song I have featured today from Linda Ronstadt.

Linda is truly an icon at the top of the modern music tree. When the word legend is so easily talked about these days, Linda Ronstadt truly is one of those real legends of the modern music era.

As an extra for today, this is the song which started her career, back in 1967, Different Drum. That song was composed in 1965 by Mike Nesmith, one of The Monkees, again showing that even a band which was originally a construct could eventually produce musicians and composers who could hold their own across the years. While this is a video clip of that band singing the song, it’s easy to see and hear that the audio is the studio version of the song laid over the video of the band singing it. Even here at barely 20 years old, that beautiful voice is so evident.

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