Australian Electrical Power Generation – Destroying Victoria’s Cheap Electricity

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, the State of Victoria is about to lose a quarter of its electricity supply as the “dirty” Hazelwood coal-fired power station closes. The nation’s power supply will become less reliable, Victorian electricity prices will rise and 1000 workers will lose their jobs.

Hazelwood Power Station

Hazelwood Power Station

Isn’t it time to call out this global warming madness before more people get hurt?

THE Hazelwood power station is set to close in March next year as its foreign owners prepare to finalise the decision as early as this Thursday…

Speculation about the coal-fired mine has swirled for months after Engie admitted in May that it was considering selling or closing the plant, putting up to 1000 jobs in the Latrobe Valley at risk.

The Victorian Labor Government, gripped by the global warming religion, props up green power – a competitor to the ageing Hazelwood – and will not help Hazelwood survive.

But it will splash out money on “incentives” to other business to come invest, even while giving them a huge disincentive to do so by making electricity more expensive:

The government is also considering financial incentives to attract businesses to the region, as well as major improvements to services and infrastructure to stimulate the local economy.

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