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Today’s music video is the Bob Dylan song Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, and this version is from the Australian band The Seekers.

The image used in this clip shows the Australian band The Seekers. L to R – Keith Potger, Judith Durham, Bruce Woodley, and Athol Guy.

Link to Video at You Tube

This video was posted to You Tube by Judith Durham and The Seekers

Recently, Bob Dylan was awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature. The lyrics to his songs are virtually just poetry set to music anyway, so this award is not really out of place, although some critics may think so. Bob Dylan was left pretty much speechless with the announcement of the award, but it is one which is well deserved.

I have often mentioned that my own appreciation of music began in the early to mid Sixties, and while most of that music was coming out of the UK, I was aware of Bob Dylan. I had seen some footage of him singing in folk clubs, and as Peter, Paul and Mary were so huge, then I was aware of his music, as that group had a couple of monster hits with songs written by Bob Dylan.

Early on, there was perhaps a perception that Bob Dylan might be similar to Woody Guthrie, a singer of protest songs and themed songs as well.

All that ended with the release of his second album, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. The songs on that album now signalled that Bob Dylan had ‘really’ arrived. Make no mistake, he was already a huge star, but with this album, he entered superstardom, long before that term was even coined.

This album was recorded over a period of some Months, and late in 1962, after those recording sessions had been proceeding, this song was recorded, in November of 1962.

As was the case, not just now, or earlier, but from this point onwards, everybody wanted to do a Dylan Song. He had so many hits in those years for other artists and bands, it almost became blurred that Bob Dylan was the original writer of the song. Every big, well, huge, name from the 60s, 70s and onwards did a Dylan song and made it a huge Number One Smash hit.

The Seekers were an Australian band with a minor following, and they travelled to the UK by ship in early 1964. They only planned to stay for a couple of Months, but they got steady work, and recorded a couple of songs written for them by Tom Springfield, the first of which was I’ll Never Find Another You, and that became a huge Number One Hit in the UK, as well as back here in Australia.theseekersaustralianalbumcover

There was nothing on record of the band back in Australia, and a couple of early albums were released to keep them in the public mind, not that they were forgotten now they had a huge Hit Single. One of the albums released was the one shown in the image. Now while this cover is similar to a later album released in the UK, this is the Australian album cover I have shown here, and this is from my own collection of LP records. The album released in the UK has their second Number One Hit as the title track, the song also written by Tom Springfield, A World Of Our Own, but this song was not included on that earlier Australian album, just added on for the UK release of this album. The Australian album, besides not having this song on it has two other songs on it that did not appear on the UK album.

All the other songs are covers of other artists songs, and two of those songs were written by Bob Dylan, the song I have featured today, and their cover of The Times They Are A Changin’.

This album was actually the very first album I spent my own money on. I wanted a Seekers album, and this was all the store had at the time, so I got it, a little sad that two of my favourite songs, those two hits written for the band by Tom Springfield were not on the album. However, once I played the album at home on the family record player, I found I really liked all the songs. The band had such wonderful harmonies, and that voice of Judith Durham was just the most pure and beautiful voice from a female singer from anywhere at that time.

As a young teenager, I would listen to the album, and read the liner notes, so I knew this song was written by Bob Dylan.

Bob was only 22 when he wrote this song, and girlfriend at the time was Susan (Suze) Rotolo, and she had gone off to Italy to further her education. Bob missed her, and when she wrote that she was staying longer than expected, Bob was emotionally conflicted, and this song is a result of that. Suze did come back, and she is the lady arm in arm with Bob on the cover of this Dylan album, that Freewheelin’ album, such an iconic album cover. Their relationship did not last much longer, but it did lead to so many wonderful songs.

I also have  a copy of one of Bob’s Biographies, this one the comprehensive book written by Howard Sounes, Down The Highway. The Life Of Bob Dylan. In that book it is mentioned that perhaps this song is where Bob Dylan finally cast off that linking to Woody Guthrie, and a singer of ‘message’ songs.

This song was written originally in 1962, and over the years since, it has been recorded by more than 80 other artists and bands, and some of the biggest names in Popular Music. Perhaps the version that was the biggest hit was the cover done by Peter, Paul and Mary, but I have always preferred this version done by The Seekers.

Bob Dylan has shown his versatility over the years with so many albums, and so many songs that his work is so huge, and this awarding of the Nobel prize for Literature is perhaps recognition that his work is much more than just songs and music.

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