European Culture – Death By Suicide

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20110915_darlenecasella01By Darlene Casella ~

During Migration of the wildebeest in Kenya, two million animals seek greener pastures.  Circling the Serengeti, they finish at death.  Monumental Middle Eastern and African migration may cause death to European identity.

High fashion, art, cuisine, and architecture compel French pride.   Oktoberfest, Beethoven, poets and thinkers brim up German identity. Staying out of wars, prosperity, folk music and Vikings pervade Swedish personality.  These are distinct cultures.

On a fact-finding expedition with Daniel Pipes and the Middle East Forum in Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm; we had first hand experience with the immigration crisis.

IslamEuropeIn Paris, Muslim areas such as the Rue de la Republique, St. Denis, and Area 93; are designated as “no go zones”, no French government allowed. Muslim organizations have headquarters, and these zones feel like the suburbs in a Middle Eastern City.   Some migrants live on mattresses under metro bridges, some have quality housing.  High crime prevails, but we non-Muslim foreigners were able to walk in these areas without incident.

Raging fire in a “no go” zone seriously injured a man.  The Paris Fire Department, ambulances and police cars were prevented from entering.   The man was carried several blocks to an ambulance.  It is not know if he survived.

Imams arrive in Paris from Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, and Middle Eastern Countries.   They do not speak French.  During the 5 daily prayers the Imam faces Mecca and leads prayer.  On Friday he delivers a sermon – the Khutba.  Probability of radicalization is high.  ISIS summons Muslims to overthrow governments with a regime based on Sharia law.  Wahhabi Institutes funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar train Imams.

King Sidi Mohammed of Morocco knows the danger of Islamic radicalism through Imams.  To counter this, he founded an Institute to train Imams, Murshidins (spiritual guides), and Murshidats (spiritual women) they learn the precepts of an open and tolerant Islam. Students are from Middle Eastern countries, North Africa, the Ivory Coast, and France.

Ministers of the General Directorate for Aliens in France, Border Police Central Directorate, and Anti Terrorist Coordination Unit, Community Muslim leaders from Union of Muslim Organizations and from Islamologue and the panel with the Foundation pour la recherché strategique of France; with whom we met in Paris, discerned no immigration problems.  They believe that tepid laws are successful, and immigrants will integrate into French society.  More honest was a Muslim leader who advised, “Their bodies are here, but their hearts remain in North Africa.”

Renaud Camus, French intellectual and philosopher, spoke to us about the loss of French culture due to the overwhelming numbers of immigrants; and their lack of willingness to integrate into French society.  His lament is that migrants come to France for a better life and to make it a Muslim nation under Sharia law; not to become French.   His intuition is that a new civilization with a non-French core will dominate his beloved country for future generations.

Angela Merkel’s immigration decisions mimic convictions of Pope Francis.   In Berlin there are hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas has a world headquarters; and a Turkish run mosque preaches pro Iran Khutba.  Incredulously, political leaders briefed us that if there was any difficulty with immigration, it was with Polish immigrants.

Adult men claiming to be Syrian teenagers are accepted at their word.  Iranian refugees gathered at a Lutheran Church in Berlin.   They had walked from Iran to Turkey, traveled by boat, walked through Greece and rode a truck to Germany.  Each had paid about $1,200 for the journey.  Stories were compelling.

At the German Bundestag, MP Volker Beck disregarded questions of Muslim crime and lack of integration.   With a wave of his hand he asserted that 1,000 women raped or mistreated by Muslim gangs on New Years Eve was tabloid embellishment.  Another MP suggested that Germans learn Arabic.  Rose-colored glasses at the Bundestag glowed bright pink.

The oldest mosque in Germany survived WW II.   It is where Adolf Hitler met with The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.  The Imam was a charming, tolerant, member of the Ahmadiyya community, which respects all religions.   Ayatollah Khamenei recently declared that the Ahmadiyya Muslims are not real Muslims.

Our German host suggested that massive migration was good for the country because immigrants are more appealing than Germans.  He believes Muslim immigrant values are a defensible replacement for German culture.

At the Swedish Parliament, MP Kent Ekeroth sketched the situation. Sweden has more than a hundred thousand asylum seekers including unaccompanied minors.   There are “no go” zones.   Malmo is an Islamic city.  Crime is high, and police are resigning.  MP’s babble that all cultures are equal; and that shifting Sweden from a Nordic culture to an Islamic culture is not consequential.

Ideas to create safe zones, or economic opportunities, in countries of origin were nonexistent.  There seems no thought to the affect of mass migration on future generations.

Irish statesman, Edmund Burke said, “Society is a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are dead and those yet to be born.”  Elected officials in these countries spew dishonest drivel regarding the crisis, with little thought to the affects for the yet to be born.

Do Western Europeans deserve a place to call home, or should anyone in the world that wants to move to Europe have that right?  No politician voiced the question.

Family Security Matters  contributor Darlene Casella was, before her retirement, an English teacher, a stockbroker, and president/owner of a small corporation. She lives in La Quinta, California.

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