Climate Change Australia – Stop These Anti-Coal Fanatics Now

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

India warns that green groups – backed with American money – are making investment in Australian mines too hard.

So what is the Turnbull Government doing to save these mines and jobs?

A highly orchest­rated, secretly foreign-funded group of Australian environ­mental activists ­oppos­ing the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland has “dampened” ­Indian investment interest in Australia and received heated criticism from the federal ­Coalition and Queensland Labor governments.

CoalLoaderIndian Power Minister Piyush Goyal told The Australian yesterday the years of legal challenges to the vast Carmichael coal project, now revealed to have been funded by multi-million-dollar foundations in the US, “will certainly dampen future investments” from India…

After meeting Mr Goyal, federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan, who has previously criticised the campaign to block the Indian project, said: “We need to be able to take advantage of the demand for coal in Asia.”…

Mr Goyal … warned that India’s growing demand for coal could be met from other markets, such as Indonesia and South Africa…

“It is up to Australia to decide whether they want to expand their economy, whether they want to create jobs in their states, or whether they want to forgo that business al­together,” he said.

It is estimated the Adani project would create up to 10,000 jobs in its construction phase…

In August last year environmentalists won a court fight against Adani over the protection of a skink and a snake, but last month the Indian company won the latest round in the Federal Court. Mr Goyal said India had to ­develop its economy and provide cheap power to hundreds of ­millions of people, yet faced oppos­ition from “environmentalists and so-called NGOs”.

“We are trying to tackle them. We are looking at their sources of funding seriously,’’ he said. “It is time other parts of the world get together and take this up as a challenge. I need to get electricity to those 200 million who don’t have electricity. I need to make sure that that electricity is affordable.”

Incredible, to have green groups campaign so keep the poorest people poor. And to cost Australians money and jobs while doing so.

But name a single thing the Turnbull Government is doing to stop them.

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