How Foreign Activists Are Killing Australian Jobs

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Leaked emails show that the multinationals who are really ripping us off are the multinational green groups, boasting about evading our taxes and killing Australian job-creating projects:

A foreign-funded, highly orchestrated group of Australian activists working to stop the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland by influencing indigenous land owners and environmental legal challenges has been exposed in briefings to Hillary Clinton’s campaign director.

The lead environmental group in the campaign to stop coalmining in Australia, the Sunrise ­Project, is funded from the multi-million-dollar US Sandler Foundation and boasts in its secret briefings that it is trying to hide its funding sources from the Australian parliament.

WikiLeaks LogoThe previously secret briefings, released by WikiLeaks… disclosed that an associated group, Human Rights Watch, offered to help the environmental lobby keep its tax-­exempt charity status …

Human Rights Watch chief executive Ken Roth, who ­attacked the Coalition’s offshore refugee processing on Nauru before the election in July, also discloses that his group received “charitable status by special parliamentary bill” in the “waning days of the Labor government”.

The Adani mine development, which it is claimed will create 10,000 jobs in construction in Queensland and cheap electric power to tens of millions of poor Indians, has been delayed for at least seven years by various legal challenges, including against a rail line to the coast and the development of a port at Abbot Point.

In a celebratory email to the Sandler Foundation in August last year after a decision against the Adani mine, Sunrise Project director John Hepburn, a former Greenpeace activist and one of the authors of the strategy to block coalmining in Australia, thanks the foundation for support. “Without your support none of this would have happened,” he said.

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