Cartoonist Bill Leak Was Right, Says Western Australia’s Top Cop

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Cartoonist Bill Leak drew a a cartoon of an Aboriginal drunk who did not remember his son’s name. SBS Media told Leak to f… himself.  The Race Discrimination Commission branded him a racist.

The attacks were astonishing. Even the Turnbull Government’s Indigenous Affairs Minister called the cartoon ‘racist’ and ‘tasteless’.


Missing in all this vilification of Leak and these attempts now to censor him is the truth – and the children.

Now starting evidence of the truth Leak raised:

A controversial cartoon by Bill Leak depicting an Aboriginal man with a beer can who does not remember his son’s name is an “accurate reflection” of what police see in the field daily, according to WA’s top Police officer.

It comes after four boys were charged with trashing a high school in the Goldfields city of Kalgoorlie at the weekend.

Police have now revealed one of the children accused of causing the damage, a 10-year-old boy, was taken home where his father refused to take responsibility for him.

“So we ended up, for many hours, looking after that child, trying to find a responsible adult,” Commissioner O’Callaghan said.

“I will say though, as bad as it sounds, it’s not an unusual thing for police to have trouble finding responsible adults for children that we find in trouble or on the streets late at night.”

Commissioner O’Callaghan said the cartoon by Leak, published by The Australian newspaper in August and criticised by some Indigenous leaders as an “attack” on Aboriginal people, was an appropriate portrayal of some communities.

“From my perspective, Bill Leak’s cartoon is actually an accurate reflection of what our officers see on a day-to-day basis, when they’re dealing particularly with kids from Aboriginal communities or Aboriginal families who are in trouble,” he said.

“It happens repeatedly, and I think what Bill Leak was doing was trying to indicate a broader problem for the community to sort out.”

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