Climate Change Australia – Students Taught Sunsets “Destroyed” By Global Warming

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Here in Australia, New South Wales (NSW) schools are telling children that even sunsets will be destroyed by global warming.

Isn’t spreading such baseless fears to scared children close to child abuse?Cartoon -- Global Warming Lies

DOOMSDAY climate change lessons are being taught to children as young as eight who are concluding that human activity threatens to destroy beautiful sunsets and ­waterways.

Six schools in the state’s north are trialling a “world first” curriculum that is expected to be adopted across the state, if successful.

The NSW Education Department-approved trial is being run by Southern Cross University’s Lismore campus…

Some children have concluded that humans have “succeeded in destroying much of the physical world”.

One student researcher in northern NSW said: “It is selfish and horrible how humans are causing animal and plant species to die.”…

Organiser and Southern Cross University education lecturer David Rousell said schools in Bexhill, Mullumbimby and Alstonville had taken on the interdisciplinary model, which could be taught in English, creative arts, science and history classes…

“Kids are doing amazing work where they take a photo which represents some aspect of climate change and they write about it. Some students take photos of beautiful things such as sunsets or waterways and then write about how it could be lost or destroyed because of climate change.”

Sunsets, even? Seriously?

And why is this nonsense pushed even in English and creative arts classes? This does not sound like the teaching of science. It sounds instead like indoctrination into a faith.

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