The Deadly Love Of Natural Cures

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

I have been alarmed for years that untested “natural” cures have not just been spruiked by the media but taught in our lesser universities and colleges:

Southern Cross University includes a course of homoeopathy in its bachelor of naturopathy. La Trobe University teaches homoeopathy to tomorrow’s nurses in its bachelor of nursing/naturopathy. Charles Sturt University upgrades homoeopathy diplomas into a bachelor of health science. Until just a few years ago, Victoria University not only taught homoeopathy, but “vibrational medicine” and “the role of intuition” in healing. Then there’s the TAFE courses in homoeopathy, too many to list.

naturaltherapiesI wrote that in 2010, and understand there’s been some retreat from this madness since then.

But damage done. Now comes more evidence how deadly this “natural” fad really is:

GREG Melhuish turned to natural therapies to cure his cancer and it nearly killed him…

The popular DJ was diagnosed with metastasised cancer of the colon which had moved to his liver last November. His doctor offered chemotherapy which he turned down…

“I decided I’d give myself three months on alternative therapies… I saw a local guy and my natural therapies considered of a whole bunch of herbs and mushrooms and enzymes and detoxifying stuff and I got really ill, it was about $500 worth of stuff.

“Then I had vitamin C infusions at a clinic in Robina and heat tent treatment (hyperthermic treatment) at $500 an hour but I was just pissing money up against the wall.”

On another recommendation, he turned to a ‘master pranic healer’ or energy healer who claimed to have cured him…

At that point Mr Melhuish started chemotherapy…

“I would be in an even better state had I commenced chemotherapy when I was first diagnosed…

Sydney Oncologist Professor Fran Boyle said she had seen dozens of sad cases of people who had rejected chemotherapy and conventional western medicine in favour of alternatives only to return when it was too late.

“They’ll say they are worried about the side-effects and they’ll take their chances and the ones that come back are in desperate circumstances and the temptation to say ‘I told you so’ is very strong, I’d like to say this could have been avoided,” Prof Boyle said.

“I had a patient whose husband was a conspiracy theorist saying we had an interest in not curing cancer so we could sell chemotherapy and he took his wife to Mexico and she died a year ago.

“Just this week I had a young woman who elected not to have treatment for what was a very treatable cancer and it was very distressing to know she missed out on treatment that could have cured her and now she is at death’s door.

“She was having intravenous vitamin C and a number of herbs by alternative practitioners that gave her the belief that her cancer could be controlled.”

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